#COSPLAY #StarTrekOnline | Cosplaying Star trek – Kelvin Timeline Female officers- The Cap Sleeve Mini Red Dress- how to get this look….?

COSPLAY START TREK ONLINE- Anovos | Cosplaying Star trek – Kelvin Timeline Female officers- The Cap Sleeve Mini Red Dress-

As part one of the most Iconic uniforms is the women’s dress uniform, none have been so iconic is the Star Trek- Starfleet red dress, also as to other division colours Science blue also commandingly mustard yellow…….. In which this style of dress can be worn as an everyday dress in which it has that timeless style silhouette to it which definitely match to anything in your wardrobe also accessible with any form of jewelry to accessories the dress with…

As The Original series women’s uniforms are equally more iconic than the men’s uniform the Kelvin Timeline Starfleet uniform pays to the homage to the Original series, in which one has been worn by Lt. Nyota Uhura- Nichelle Nichols-  Zoe Saldana .  The dress uniform takes on many Original series the short mini dress hemlines, in which the tighter delta black stylistic black charcoal collar simulating as an undershirt with the same but modern look silhouette skirt of as mini dress.. Among that besides it is a cap sleeve dress in rather being a full length sleeve….

Anovos Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Female officers- The iconic Cap Sleeve Mini Red Dress…….

To get this look… The Anovos- Kelvin timeline  Women’s Starfleet  Cap sleeve Mini- Uniform dress true to the onscreen, as a replica using the same dress patterns in which it has a the dress textiles have intricate detailing to the fabric in which as those Starfleet delta’s patterned printed with the traditional onscreen production dyes in which it’s printed on Jumbo Spandex.. In which it has the proper Piping thickness at the neckline, in also with the front of the chest/ shoulder and upper backing seams with adjustable hemline… with a classic look the red dress look comes with a crispy front and back paneling look in with that look it has an hidden left side easy accessible zipper for dressing or undressing..   However it does not come with a Starfleet delta badge insignia that’s for you to decide in which division department that you’re in… in view the Kelvin timeline red Starfleet uniform Cap sleeve mini dress is an everyday dress in which the fabric is breathable comfortable can be worn in during summery and wintery seasons also the outline is very closely associated with classic Chinese mid length Qipao dress..  How to get this look Star Trek Online to find your Kelvin Time line Women’s Starfleet officer’s dress is located in the Lobi store in which you’ll find  your dress in that store..

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