October’s Luna | Southern westerly

October Luna
photograph taken during a oncoming clouded evening of thirteenth -October – 2013 AD

This month has been very, extreme windy, with very much so of majority of clouds in the landscape.. I guess at the moment over here in New Zealand we’re still breaking into spring….. taking this landscaped photo of the Moon’s Luna surface,  was very just in the nick of time.. when the very sunset clouds have roamed complete over that night. In darken cotton sheered clouds from the southern west direction.. in slightly generous matter.. in the early parts of the evening..

Looking at the Luna, that night was great, despite the oncoming onslaught of clouds, that night.. you could see that, that the moon was in two quarters, also that you could see the beautifully outlines of the craters shadowing there curious intriguing timeless depths.. that night was great, normally you could see only the dark and the light boundaries, known as the Terminator..  In this night, you could see more of the white tones, edging  into the darkness… with the pots shadows of the large or small craters..

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