one clear day at One tree Hill Obelisk- photograph on 1st – February – 2011 AD

When you see the obelisk in Auckland this is one of many influence landmarks in the urban central Auckland, known as one tree hill. When you arrive at One Tree hill,  the location will give you breath taking views of the natural  Auckland small metropolis landscape, its surroundings… covers all the compass directional points from all the way from extent of Bombay hills, to the views of past Takapuna… also to the shorelines of extent of the mountain lines of the Thames..

One tree hill itself, is not also a viewing platform it’s also a monument for one of the founding fathers of Auckland, Sir Logan Campbell, whom is buried in his tomb where the epitaph obelisk points upwards also to as a Visual Observation Reference guide point for arriving aircraft whom is bound to land at Auckland international Airport, or known wise as Jean Batten International Airport..

As to the name of One Tree Hill, there used to be several pine trees planted on the hill itself, until the six died out naturally, then one whom the last has been murdered…  historically the site where the obelisk sits on is where sits on is a Marae, a meeting hall in pre- colonial Auckland Past..

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