BLACK MILK CLOTHING -FASHION | Christmas 2014 Wrapped- collection and behind the scenes…?

As for a southern Hemisphere summery Christmas this year 2014,” Black Milk clothing” is brings you with some festive Christmas “Wrapped” collection  in which is inspired centrically on the summery festive fun of Christmas in went on live on 11th Tuesday November.

In the collection itself, has a selections in Skater dresses, in with a cheerleader  skirts to match is the cap sleeve crop top, also in the collection is a new white En pointe Tulle skirt, with the traditional leggings, and jackets. Practically the collection is every day wear from day to night in between fall and summery every day, unless for wintery you warm it up with either a jersey or a warm wintery jacket with a full length boots…Also this might be a great Christmas stocking present for your girlfriends and she might love you for it too.

The collection is orthough centrically around festive Christmas, such as the Christmas tree, Burned Velvet in whit, with a partying Disco Tribe, in with some Fairy Lights, inspired with the lights that you’ll see on decorative Christmas trees… As for the month in November, there’s the Fireworks play, in with the Gorgeous Garden in either white or navy… As for some simple tones there’s the Matte Grey collection it comes in different selection of fun colours in matte grey, black, Jade, red, royal blue… the other collection is centrically on the festive floral colours on Nutcracker, wrapped up… most of the collection is in between a composition of Polyester and Elastane textiles and when washing its prefer in cold hand wash only..


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