AFK | Wardrobe Cosplay- crafting the Worbla Armour….


Given that you love Felicia Day’s the guild, then “AFK” in which is the is the darker tones of that series, where it explores what happen if you’re pulled into your in game character-avatar and universe… in this the a group of misadventure group of gamers is formed whom woken up in there in game avatars whom explore the world also taken beyond their limits as they work together…

In this AFK is doing a series of how do’s on creating there wardrobe in creating the armor plating, adding the filigree detailing to the Worbla, where you get a sheet of embossed adhesive filigree on that section of armor.. where it’s glued then it’s dried,  spray painted on to give that metallic undertones then coat with other layers of paint with serval other metallic tones, then picking up the highlights on creating that part of armor ..

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