STAR TREK-ANOVOS | The classic everyday A – Line #TOS NCC 1701 & City on The Edge of Forever Dresses…….

STAR TREK-ANOVOS -Gold Bubble Constitution class Enterprise theme white dress will easily accessories to any colours in your wardrobe like a canvas..

“Anovos” has recent release some new fashionable sleeveless dresses lately… with the classic TOS- the Original series in mind, both dresses have that all classic timeless everyday A line silhouette with flowy skirt in which easily match your wardrobe with accessorizing Summery jackets, in either pair of sneakers, boots, or for the evening heels…In which the Constitution class Enterprise theme dress will definitely match your wardrobe with that classic whites as your basic canvas to paint what colours that you like wear with it….in with a TOS themed bag, purse to match..  Both A-Line dresses are composited in eighty percent polyester, twenty percent Lycra mix ……..

STAR TREK-ANOVOS -Gold Bubble Dress – City on the Edge forever A-line dress, elegantly silhouette —

City on the Edge forever A-line dress, elegantly silhouette with the TOS Enterprise crew in that episode  travelling in critically back in time in where it written by Harlan Ellison.. With originally art work on the dress telling that story by Juan Ortiz in which both dresses a created by Gold Bubble for Anovos…

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