#COSPLAY | #HotTopic #TwinPeaks – The everyday summery Double R Diner Waitress dress…

Hot Topic – iconic everyday summery The Twin Peaks Double R Diner Waitress Dress

Given the iconic mystery Television show Twin Peaks is return to the screens after twenty five years to the quiet North-eastern township in which once a very close neighbourhood in which one incident that shook the township to its grounds where their homecoming queen was murdered as the mystery still remains today..

As we pick up from twenty five years ago, in which there’s a Diner, Twin Peaks Double R… whom in which this diner serves up the best Cherry pie in the North Eastern with the best waitress whom will charm you into having that pie with a strong brew of coffee..

The Twin Peaks Double R Diner Waitress Dress is great as an everyday dress for the summery season in which with light pastel blue colours that will keep you cool also as a mid-length dress is very simple in cut in which can basically accessories with mostly everything in your wardrobe … the dress comes with very handy skirt pockets in which you can either resting your hands into after long day’s work or store handy investigative pads in among with the bodice of dress pockets.. In carrying pens or other stationaries… 

“So are you Shelly, Norma or Annie.. ?”

The summery Waitress dress is great as summery dress it easy to wear as is breathable cool for those summery days and nights due to  its 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex, as to washing it’s best to follow washing instructions to dry clean, from hand wash with hang dry..

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