BLACK MILK CLOTHING | Galaxy Nebulae theme dresses to brighten up your winter or the summery season…

BLACK MILK CLOTHING - galaxy-purple-skater-dress
BLACK MILK CLOTHING – galaxy-purple-skater-dress


BLACK MILK CLOTHING | galaxy-rainbow-long-sleeve-skater-dress
BLACK MILK CLOTHING | galaxy-rainbow-long-sleeve-skater-dress


Orthough winter season as already arrived for the northern hemisphere as Spring for the southern, also wearing black is still the classic go to colour in keep warm for the winter also spring that it absorbs most of the sun’s heat radiation, Orthough the colour is monochromatic but it wearing a black dress can be a blank canvas among like the white.. so why not add a mixture of Galaxy theme colours to the mix to brighten up the less sunlight wintery days … in which “Black Milk Clothing” has done with the Galaxy theme skater dresses.. With NASA- JPL- CATECH astrophotography of the Orion Nebula in the Orion Constellation imprinted onto the dress fabric before assembly one is of Horse Head Nebula, also of the Orion Nebula itself about 1300 light years ago back in time…  Both Skater dresses are reversible to wear either in with the scoop top or racer front…   best accessorized with worn with boots in either various knee length sizes, sneakers for that casual everyday wear for evenings as with coloured theme jacket for warm as too with for wintery warmth black hosiery or tights..

Each Skater dress is Composition: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
Washing: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colours…Homemade sewn – Australia

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