#COSPLAY | 2016 ARMOGEDDON AUCKLAND photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016-C for Luna crescent


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Armageddon Auckland usually sits in Auckland once every year, now this year it sits twice a year for now, this year is one has been organised for during early of the year at Armageddon Manukau, south of Auckland.. As to the current one that’s been now it’s traditional sits on Labour weekend.. In between 21st to 24th October 2016… Also I’ve notice this year it’s been lighter judging from the number of people attending the final day on Monday and Friday that’s given…

Coplay this year, has been interesting having been to this year’s Armageddon Auckland of two days, Friday and Monday…  noting mostly of everyone of one them have been very awesomely brilliantly innovative to what they portraying there character’s story in.. Every single genre… Some of the cosplay was delicately handmade, some are very budget made but still looks great in innovation creatively.. this year it’s been a very diversity of mixture.. From Comic, gaming towards movies, to the classic television series likes of Manga, and anime, in the most recent have been Marvel,  DC Comics, also the CW Television defy to dare superheroes Tuesday, in mostly Star Wars is the winning providing  the abundances of  Harry Potter’s series Hogwarts students presiding over there chosen house robes,  what is interesting amazing that the cosplay community in New Zealand is awesome how they work in supporting, learning from each other..

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