MARVEL-HER UNIVERSIE #HOTTOPIC | Women of Marvel- fashion collection

As part of the new collection for the fall collection 2016, for “Marvel-Top Topic” inspired by Marvel collections of Her Universe, Hot Topic, has brought out series collection featuring on Women of Marvel, in which having their character signature designs in creating that’s centric towards the characters attributes…

With those Characters Attributes, featuring in the collection designs from the first ladies of Marvel comics, Captain Marvel- the dress illustrates that with the red, yellow, blue with the iconic yellow star badge that’s , Scarlet Witch with the iconic jacket illustrating the pink, crimson pink utility jacket that she wears , Agent Carter is her signature 1950’s blue dress style with her iconic red hat among that is the sweet air force pin that she wears on her shirt dress , Spider Gwen is her signature hoodie.. Black Widow featuring is her signature Gothic black with the dress illustrating the silhouette…. Most of the collection are a collection of Rayon, Nylon, Spandex, polyester.. in which a cold gentle cycle line dry care when washing..   As part of the the collection its basically everyday wear, in which the dresses in the collection are very accessorize towards your wardrobe.. either outfitting with something Nerdy Geeky or something with elegant in

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