HOT TOPIC | #DC Your #Superhero everyday fashion collection – for the week…

As the CW Network gears up for super hero week since adoption of “CBS- Supergirl now CW-Supergirl” into its programming celebrating that Dare to Defy programming collection theme is Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, White Canary, Selina Kyle as part of  DC’s legends of Tomorrow..

For this “Hot Topic DC’s Fall Collection” features mostly the everyday wear, featuring the  Dear to Defy superheroes that  been featured in CW Network,  the featured Jackets in this collection has thematic centric, like Supergirl’s signature cap that could be transformed into a hood, with a house of El S-logo embroidered onto the hoodie with the blue, red, also the red inner lining..  The Flash carries the signature Flash red, with the golden yellow Flash Lightning logo, with the body armored sculpturing…  with the Arrow, with its singular green, with simple cut no fuss seams that’s  body conforming to make it with ease to shooting an onslaught with arrows from your bow..  With Selina Kyle – Cat woman’s hoody Jacket Look it’s complementary with the cat ears that adorn on with the black hood, making it classic with your everyday wardrobe.. also with the White Canary as well too with its signature white, corset top with intricate leathery type lace tie workings ..also even though when you’re not wearing or wearing the jackets, always be the superhero within you..

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