#THINKGEEK –MARVEL| GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – #GROOT USB car Charger – something very cute for everyday…..!

“……….I am Groot… “Groot… ! – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 

If you wondering what to accessories your Car, Four wheel drive, or that Starship’s Bridge to give that individual look with something cute that sitting on you helm and navigation console on your bridge or in the cup holder in your Jeep, as you go adventuring…..then this “Think geek Guardians of the Galaxy Groot USB Car Charger” is the one, beside that R2D2 USB hub Car charger, Orthough they make a great double cuteness together..

Groot will bring every day joy as you drive, as Groot Dances as you charging  the same time, in it’s cute little charger pot, with two charging ports, providing  2.1 Amps that’s enough to charge up two tablets on the go.. Also it charges up via iPhones, or any variant of smartphones, tablets or devices that’s need charging.. it chargers from adaptively from a input of 12VDC ( from your vehicle cigarette lighter port) with an output of 5V DC at 3A….

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