#DOCTORWHO – #HOTTOPIC #COSPLAY | Doctor Who’s fashion collection for 2016…………………

As the build-up for “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 ”  in which features elements of “El Loco Doctor Mysterio’  also returning to premise with an unexpected superhero, in which saves The Doctor’s day.. “Hot Topic” has comes out with this year’s Doctor Who 2016 Collection” for both girls and guys…  This collection is for everyday casual wear, in which features episodic elements taken from the series in which between Matt Smith towards Peter Capaldi’s Doctor also with Alex Kingston’s River Song ..

The  “Doctor who Hot Topic 2016 collection” features, mostly coats, dresses, cardigans, in which has Tardis design elements… In which of the Coat Designs with Tardis blue, with the Van Gogh’s inside lining. With Captain Jack Harkness airmen look to it… as to the women’s coat it features mostly of Professor River Song’s adventuring coat, in with her signature white sleeves with a blue Gothic Tardis printed lining….. Other inspirational elements is this perfect for casual summers, or indoor winters  such with the Coal Hill High Grayish school uniform look inspirationally also taken from Clara Oswald, featuring TARDIS, snowflakes, Cybermen with handy pockets……… among  the grey thematic cardigan is the Tardis theme featuring in Tardis blue with woven, teal, blue, white Tardiness still with the Coal hill look..  Also too this collection is best worn that causally matches anything in your wardrobe with kick ass adventuring boots… Heels boots or Doc Martins..

Also its best for washing and drying care is to follow washing instructions of the label of the garment.. !


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