#THINKGEEK – #STARTREK | #HerUniverse – the star trek 50th anniversary 2016 fashion collection ….

In the celebrations of the “50th Anniversary of Star Trek” Think Geek in with collaboration with Her Universe” have come up with a celebrating collection in which the collection takes from inspirational pieces from different thematic ironically  elements of the various series collection of Star Trek….. The collection features an everyday wear. In which with its very simplistic approach that it’ll accompany any clothing item in your every day/ night casual wear wardrobe…

Such iconic clothing pieces taken from The Original series, is the red Bardot dress, inspired by Uhura red dress in TOS, also the  mini Skirts  collection which features departmental colours of science blue, tactical/ engineering red, with command/ operations yellow with intricate golden rank along the seams..  among the mini-skirts collection features a white skirt with Starfleet delta  starburst floral decorations..

Among the collection is various everyday Jackets, featuring bombing jacket featuring Wesley Crusher’s signature grey, with rainbow bands detailing along the sleeves of the jacket, also with NX-01 Enterprise blue jacket, with interesting patches from that era…  as for the Faux fur coat, no tribbles was harm in tailoring the coat great for wintery seasons..

One of the perfect accessories is the TNG mesh top collar Tee, featuring peter pan like collars with rank pins, with signature departmental colours that matches the matching colour mini –skirts… with a sweet heart bodice top..

Also its best for washing and drying care is to follow washing instructions of the label of the garment.. !


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