#THINKGEEK #COSPLAY | #MASSEFFECT Andromeda – The N7 Andromeda – Omi-Blade Weapon…

As “Bioware’s Mass effect –Andromeda” soon to be release date near in a couple of months on 21st March 2017.  In continuing the post storyline after the Commander Shepard and his team Normandy after the devastating incident with the reapers that invaded Earth…  the Storyline for Mass Effect Andromeda is in between two  Ryder siblings, as you either adventure the storylines of the Sister or the brother together… as you’re dropped off from a massive dreadnought heavy starbase colonization vessel with your very own vessel more advanced, almost comparative in size to Commander Shepard’s Normandy , in which your ship is call the Tempest….

As part of Tempest it comes with various equipment’s of sorts, in one relates to a component of the N7 EVA armouring suit and it’s variant, one import component is of that is the “  Think Geek- N7- Andromeda- Omi Blade Weapon” in which one of various two more weapons used in with the N7 Armour EVA suit..  The Omi-blade comes with a flip out blade fashionable transparent amberic orange… With a flip out blade at with a trigger of a switch with the hand grip.. The straps of the blade is adjustable to the various forearm width sizes..  Also its design for the right hand.. However the Omi-Blade is not a toy… is a replica weapon almost the real thing as all duplicate hero props are design for..  It’s construction based is from harden K-resin and ABS Plastic… in which will be soon to be release on late 2017 February from Think Geek.. also best worn with Mass Effect N7 Dress from think geek or black milk clothing or wardrobe.. 

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