#THINKGEEK #STARWARS | Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit – MacGyver might want to know about this…

Given that you constantly relying on using your hydro-spanner on repairing your Corellian YT-13000 heavily modified freighter then you might think again when you’re in repairing those intricate parts of your ship as you race in repair especially that Hyper Drive  before the imperial forces come along…  Then “Think Geek- Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit “has comes out with this very interesting tools sets that MacGyver might want to know about this that might accessories his Swiss army knife.. ..

The “Star Wars” Think Geek Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit comes with Comes equipped with two screwdrivers, four hex keys, and an adjustable wrench, also Screwdrivers and hex keys held snug inside the Falcon with rubber ring grips among with various sets of Hex keys tucked in the back underside of the Millennium Falcon… along with the construction its constructed out from Die Cast Zinc Alloy, along with some tool kit parts is with carbon steel for durability.. Fashionable it accessories your contents inside your purse or back pack as it gives you story to tell that you flew your Millennium Falcon even less than twelve parsec in the Kessel run..

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