#COSPLAY #ANOVOS | #StarTrek – The Next Generation – The Women’s Skant dress uniform – your everyday sporty dress….

Anovos- Star trek The Next Generation iconic Skant Dress women’s uniform great for everyday summery wear away missions..

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek – The Next Generation- in which air on 1987… in which sets of with the crew of a freshly constructed Galaxy Class – USS Enterprise D, with a New Captain onboard Captain Jean Luc Picard- Sir Patrick Steward in the year 2364…..

As it’s the Star Trek Next Generation 30th, Anovos has launched out a new replicated range  of Star Trek  uniforms in which can be worn by women, and men as it was featured worn by both genders in the first season..  In which is A Women’s Skant Dress Uniform in three traditional department colours- Red- command tactical, Blue –sciences, Mustard- engineering-security..

The Iconic The Next Generation Skant dress in Science blue. with sporty casual trendy looks.

The Women’s Skant Dress is elegantly for everyday wear.. the dress resembles with the bodice look of the Starfleet uniform top at that time with the contemporary sailor’s collar, with the black trimmings of departmental division colour trimmings while the skirt has more of a padded pleated look that inspired by The Original Series women’s uniform but with a A-line skirt silhouette in which resembles the Nurses Uniform look- in which comes with a slide invisible zipper in which makes it easy to wear..  The dress is composited in jumbo Spandex fabric as to with the black contrast in which is breathable ….

The Iconic The Next Generation Skant dress in Science blue. with sporty casual trendy looks for every day summery wear….

The Starfleet women’s Skant dress comes short sleeved in which without the Starfleet insignia badge and the rank pips that comes separately… it becomes basically a trendy fashionable everyday dress for the week or the weekend… In commentaries with your wardrobe fashionable with knee high boots or, quarter length boots with a sporting, causal jacket… in which makes it great for the summery season wear…

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