#UnitedNations #ElieTahari | The New United Nations 2017 Ambassadors Guides uniform….


If you wondering the United Nations Ambassadors Guides are getting a Uniform Makeover, in which was revealed during celebrating Labour Day in United States on 4th September 2017, in which in the Ambassadors Guides look very important, neat and professional, today’s fashion.. also they are the face of  the United Nations Organisation in which they are the only people get to see also they’re the very important critical component in the organisation in providing guided tours also providing updated  news of critical moments within also outside the organisation..

The new Design, Designed by Elie Tahari took the inspirations from very classic lines, with Airline Stewardess Flight uniforms in taking designs from the Classic United Nation Navy Blue with a Conservative look…. Taking those inspirations in which is elegant simple, in which the women wear suiting emphasis the feminine silhouette with the clean sharp collar blouse, with the feminine silhouette hugging jacket with the airline stewardess pencil knee length skirt, in which you can go from work to dinner wear with accessorizing the ties, or bow tie scarfs printed with the UN livery.. Yet with assertive cool, clean cut to look…  In which builds the confidences within…

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