#COSPLAY #StarTrekOnline | #ANOVOS – Cosplaying Star trek- The Next Generation – Captain Picard – Darmok- Uniform Jacket- How to get this look.. !

Star Trek Online- Captain Picard’s The Next Generation- Darmok Uniform Jacket…. Can be found on ANOVOS also on Star Trek Online….


As Part of the 30th year Anniversary of Star Trek-TNG the Next Generation, ANOVOS is celebrating in releasing the new variant of the Captain’s Uniform Jacket, with the original look of the Jacket of Captain Jean Luc Picard, in which that jacket was featured introduced into the “Darmok” Episode in where there was a first contact with a species in which communicating with the Tamarian race requires allegory interpretation with rich storylines in translation…

The Picard TNG’s Darmok Uniform Jacket, Designed by Robert Blackman whom draw inspiration from the jacket from Sir Patrick Stewart, in which the jacket was meant  to stand out from the rest of the crew in which like the Iconic lime yellow wrap around shirt that Captain James T. Kirk wore in The Original Series..

Anovos- – The Next Generation – Captain Picard – Darmok- Uniform Jacket……

The Picard’s Uniform Jacket is highly detail to the original onscreen televised wardrobe version, has a real suede black Matt leather, with vinyl shoulder details, with comfortable satin internal lining, with that cuff and waistband stitching details…  in with hidden interior Breast pockets to hold those smaller items at both sides for your everyday away mission essentials…  As a Jacket it’s designed to be worn every day in which as from those wintery spring days to nights, as its worn opening without any zip frontal closures

As to Star Trek online how to get this look is simply the frontal jacket from Star Trek Nemesis, look with the greys shoulders replace with the (J4) black Matt colour assets, along with the slightly dark velvet red colour (A1)…  As to the turtle neck tunic it’s the same (J4) Matt black colour, with preferred rank pips of your own choosing as to the Starfleet insignia badge…  also it best dress in a with a black skirt or a mid-knee length A-line sheath dress for some style.. Or with dress pants..

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