#QIPAO #CHEONGSAM | #HongKong #YiMing Knitwear 2017- Peach Blossom – Haze collection


This year for YiMing also designer founder Grace Choi has been a very productive year in which in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, recently this early year she moved towards a new store in 50A Tung Street, Sheung Wan located in Central  and Western District in which they celebrated of the opening of that new store after moving out from a previous one..

Recently of the week of tenth of September 2017 Grace Choi- YiMing had recently launched a new Knitwear collection in collaboration with the Wool mark company in which features innovative using Merino wool in which giving the collection an inviting warm natural merino wool that can be worn in all seasons between season from summery to winter keeping warm during winter also summery cool.. The collection features warm bold natural colours of peach Blossoms with warmth greys with elements of ocean jade teal blues with whites in which will complementary your existing wardrobe with timeless classic Qipao dresses silhouettes in which keeps your wardrobe elegant everyday….

Grace Choi- YiMing Oriental Qipao style collection, designs are very innovatively intelligence modern elegance where East meets west. Acquired on the same Shanghai Tang akiness… In which traditionally Qipao- Cheongsam dresses are worn for from straight forwardly every day towards after work evening wear in without having to change to another set of wardrobe dressing only to accessories for the required occasion…

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