During the week of 17th November 2018 across the Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, from Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai Bridge is the Macau in which on that week that the MGM Theatre at  MGM COTAI in which explored a Symposium which was tittle hosting “ living heritage to explore Traditional Culture” in which attached over five hundred people in traditional, ancient Chinese Culture also various art forms of intangible heritage… in which during the symposium there was various in-depth articles, talks in between various featured speakers and the audiences in which how to coexist Chinese Heritage merging with Modern creative innovation in transferring that concept towards the future generations from the past, present to the presently soon..



One of the various asspects of the symposium is the highly acclaimed watched Chinese made Qing Dynasty period drama” Story of the Yanxi Palace” series that’s attracted an international viewership attention is the Story life premise of Empress Xiaoyichun- 孝儀純皇后, Wei Yingluo, Consort Ling (令) in which she is the wife, consort of Qing Dynasty Qianlong Emperor – in which she is story played by Actress Wu Jinyan…..  Started as an imperial seamstress towards becoming a mother to the future Emperor…



During the symposium the featured speakers, the guest of honoured explored the featured television series “Story of the Yanxi Palace” that features timeless handmade Qing Dynasty Qipao wardrobes… In which Ms Bi Hong, collector and expert in Qing Dynasty culture and fashion, Mr. Zhang Bin, Ms Emily Chan, spoken in very in depth of creative innovations of preserving that tailoring craftsmanship also integrating those ancient tailoring with innovative modern tailoring methods today in which was wardrobe tailored for the series.. In which the Symposium analysed the historically every aspects of elements symbolism of each piece of the wardrobe within exhibition that held in co-junction duration of the symposium ….




 In which the collection of the symposium exhibition collection shown the tour continued with an exhibition of the exquisitely crafted costumes from the “Story of Yanxi Palace” which are on display for the first time ever in Macau. The Chinese couture includes costumes worn by the Emperor Qianlong, Consort Ling, Empress Fucha Rongyin and Consort Xian… From the wardrobe, towards the jewellery created for each piece of the characters storytelling allowing the view enticed back few hundred years ago towards wearable embroidery in which can be found today in a simpler form the modern Qipao which innovative revolutionised in 1930’s Shanghai…..

One thought on “#QIPAO #Cheongsam #旗袍 #QingDynasty | #延禧攻略 – #StoryOfYanxiPalace #TelevisionWardrobe first time in #Macau #MGM symposium to explore traditional Chinese Culture heritage – The ‘Ancient Costumes Exhibition’ and the ‘Living Transmission Seminar’

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