#SmartFashion #WearableTechnologies |#KittyYeung -Female Chinese Scientist tailors made hybrid garments through sensory technologies


Kitty Yeung is one of many intelligent Smart fashion Shenzhen Entrepreneurs , she’s also one of eighty five female Scientist in her post graduate years in obtain a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, obtaining a degree from the physics department  in which following that with a PHD at Harvard University..

Currently Kitty works at the Microsoft Garage in Silicon Valley… in which one of many Kitty’s inspirations passion is the making tailoring engineering Smart Fashion, in tailoring with fashion Tailoring with technology..  in utilizing Wearable Technologies, by connecting various sensors onto the dress, with microcontroller interconnecting within the clothing’s computer programing.. in which gives you any response you want..

One of Kitty’s tailoring is utilizing 3D printing parts of the Dress, with a solar powering unit in which can be controlled by brain signals in which during the design process Kitty have least in between twenty to thirty works. One besides the solar power dress, is one dress is design to measure the heart rate, in which installing the heart rate sensors onto three different sections of the dress, as the LED diodes blinking lighting up measuring the rate of heart rate measured..

And part of her collection is “Mar of Mars” features a various parts of the clothing is made of volcanic basalt, in which that basalt is interwoven into fibre of the frabic clothing , in which the premise of the idea of the clothing is utilizing the resources of the Planet Mars is manufacturing of those materials..   One other is to make the clothing move through various usage of servos to make the shoulder sleeves move like wings..  There’s a pure white garment, in which there’s Coloured LED lighting in which lights up with different moods that you place on the sensor it scans with….

Starting three years ago, if fashion designing, also working on as a cartoonist designing clothing for her characters that she illustrates, with that inspiration she brought a sewing machine. Learning from the ground up, she fashion her tailored clothing with integrating with her Technological inventions… In which was catwalk fashionably at San Francisco fashion week 2016 under the theme “Tech Drive fashion” in which 12 pieces of her collection was featured  as part of the invited designers categories…  in which featuring that dress that utilizing brain signals to control the sensors..  she believes that technologies should help people..

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