Kitty Yeung is one of many intelligent Smart fashion Shenzhen Entrepreneurs , she’s also one of eighty five female Scientist in her post graduate years in obtain a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, obtaining a degree from the physics department  in which following that with a PHD at Harvard University.. Currently Kitty …

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  As “The New Zealand World of Wearable Arts” in which was on between 22 September towards 8th October 2016… located at TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, and Wellington in where the Wearable Art Awards are secondary held at previously it was held at Nelson then moved Onwardly Wellington.. The Wearable Arts Awards, is based …

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  In most of the iconic pieces of costume wardrobe in the “Star Wars trilogies Sagas” there are many that  tell a story or stories behind the character, also it’s whether it’s a dress, or a Helmet that tell the story of  characters life…. In one of the pieces in The Force Awakens is the …

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As technology moves to 3D printing, printing to various objects at home, like one day soon that you’ll will printed out your food, or clothing how they did it in Star Trek with the various types of grades replication systems on board the starship.. Where the crew just replicates the clothing that they have in …

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