HanFu- Han Dynasty Clothing is making a massive come back in the Asian Chinese communities as youths reliving In recently decades there’s been very much strong revitalisation of Chinese Customary tailoring clothing in which is HanFu- Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) period inspired clothing in which was worn just before the fall of the Ming Dynasty (23 January 1308 to 25 April1644, until a North East Manchurian fashion that have taken over the traditional Han Dynasty fashion in which we known till today that’s the Qipao in which have been fashionable evolving on the same path also…. Like a Qipao, HanFu can be worn every day, as work wear, till as evening wear… It also it comes in various forms as to the nature of activity of the day or night…

In featuring the White Snake Fairy, in which is storytelling of white Snake Fairy in Hangzhou legend in which dates back storytelling in which is related to one of China’s great folktales in which towards other  Lady Meng JiangButterfly Lovers, and The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl .. in which the intial story has been through many variants in the past towards the present but the premise remains the same. In storyline the two women, white and green,  transitioning Bai Suzhen (白素貞) and Xiaoqing (小青)….  In which Bai Suzhen (白素貞)  story tells the romance of Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, a white snake that transformed into a woman, and is set in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). However, their cross-species love is suppressed by Fahai, an orthodox monk who tries to drive them apart by using magic… but eventually Bai Suzhen wins against Fahai in which Bai Suzhen is freed from Leifeng Pagoda because her son’s filial piety moved Heaven…

Video Info Original source of New Hanfu  ….

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