#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing | #June2023 #正好遇见你 #HiProducer | Episode Three – Four – Five – Chinese cultural Inheritance of an intangible cultural- a multiple Generational Women’s emotional storyline weaving  told throughout #TangDynasty  #ChineseEmbroidery  Kesi embroidery…….

正好遇见你 #HiProducer  is an intangible cultural heritage urban drama directed by Gao Han , starring Guo Xiaodong , Zhang Nan , Li Xiaoran , Zhang Bo , Zheng Kai , Sun Yihan , Niu Zifan , Sheng Langxi , and Wu Qianyu  .

The series tells the story of a variety show team with literary director Yu Zazao and young cultural relics expert Tao Tang as the core, working together to launch a cultural TV program in order to show the beauty of Chinese civilization. The series covers 35 episodes in which is produce by Huanyu Film and Television in collaboration streaming with iQyi and Tencent Video ….. Majority of the Production is done in Suzhou for its modern setting among with the Chinese Cultural Traditional Heritages recreation is done at Hengdian, Subo studios…

Behind the Scenes of the production shooting process….  During the filming, the crew was allowed to enter the Suzhou Museum for on-site shooting, but in order to protect cultural relics, most of the cultural relics appearing in the play are imitation props. In the early stage of filming, the drama team found historians of relevant cultural relics, searched a large number of documents to repeatedly compare the status and details of real cultural relics, and invited professional relics masters to copy them, so as to achieve the effect of false ones. The biggest one is the filigree inlay technology, which represents the highest level of imperial crafts. When making the Jin Ou Yonggu Cup props in the filigree inlay unit, the drama crew carried out a one-to-one replica in strict accordance with historical data, which took a full two months…

Main Cast

Guo Xiao Dong as Liao Muyun

Zhang Nan as Yu Zaizao

Li Xiao Ran as Wang Xining

Jaco Zhang Bo as Tao Tang

Zheng Kai as Gu Shiyong

Annie Sun Yi Han as Yuan Jiaying

Niu Zi Fan as Xie Yao

Joy Sheng Lang Xi as Shu Rong

Karena Ng as Zhuang Yiyi

Li De Long as A Xun

Synopsis Gu Shiyong, CEO of Palace Culture Film and Television Production Company, is determined to create a new large-scale cultural variety show “Inheritance”. He strongly invites Tao Tang, a young cultural relic expert, Mu Zongyun, a well-known director, and Wang Xining, a senior host. However, just when the program was ready to start, the young female director Yu Zazao suddenly parachuted into the company and joined the program group, disrupting the overall plan of the program and being strongly rejected by everyone. Surprisingly, Yu Zazao is calm and witty, dares to break the rules, and has inexhaustible inspiration like a genius. With her help, the originally scattered production team became unprecedentedly cohesive. Everyone worked together, starting from the historical relics of the Forbidden City, devoted themselves to excavating the core memory of the nation, promoting historical and traditional culture, and solving the problem of non-genetic inheritance. In the end, “Inheritance” stood out from many homogeneous programs and became a great success. Yu Zazao also successfully healed his soul and gained a complete friendship and career..

Episode 3

On the new working day, Yuan Jiaying, a gold-medal choreographer hired by Gu Shiyong with a lot of money, made his debut. The two hadn’t started their confrontation yet, but Yu Zazao became an assistant to the choreographer, assisting Yuan’s work. Yuan Jiaying misunderstood that Yu Zazao was an ordinary assistant, and ordered her to collect basic information on Kesi, and to do errands, print and order meals. Tao Tang thought that Gu Shiyong was extremely harsh, so Gu Shiyong launched an investigation report on Yu Zazao. Yu Zazao’s mother died young, and his father who was heavily indebted and his well-off aunt Yu Wangqing fought endlessly for custody. Yu Zazao still grew up with his aunt, Gu Shiyong believed that Yu Zazao had an impure heart, Tao Tang did not agree with Gu Shiyong’s point of view. Tao Tang vaguely noticed that Yu Zazao was different from ordinary people, so he began to investigate quietly. Gu Shiyong and Yuan Jiaying have a good friendship. After receiving Gu Shiyong’s call, Yuan Jiaying dropped everything and rushed here, full of confidence in joining this time. Father Gu cared about Yu Zazao’s daily life, and invited her to have dinner with Gu Shiyong and Yu Wangqing. Gu Shiyong suggested that Yu Zazao should file a complaint with Gu’s father, or resign from the company altogether. Unexpectedly, Yu Zazao rebelled against the army, but Gu Shiyong agreed on the spot to let Yu Zazao become the director of Group B. Gu’s father misunderstood that the two got along well, and Gu Shiyong became more disgusted, and even left him on the road halfway.

Episode 4

Knowing that Yu Zaizao wanted to win, Tao Tang cleverly used Kesi works to make Lin Shangying open up the chatterbox and tell the life secrets of the five generations of women in the Lin family. Lin Shangying’s great-grandmother, Lin Zhangxiu, was born in the Guangxu period. Her “Kaixiu color-mixing method” brought Kesi works to life. Lin Zhangxiu, who never married in her life, adopted a little girl, Lin Shangying’s grandmother Lin Qifeng. Sixteen-year-old Lin Qifeng is married. However, in the era of frequent wars, the husband had to leave his wife and go to the battlefield. Lin Qifeng cuts silk day after day, pinning her thoughts on her husband on every stitch and thread. The little girl next door looked at Lin Qifeng Kesi secretly, hoping that she would become her own mother, and finally got her wish. However, it was not until Lin Qifeng died that the little girl told Lin Qifeng a secret that had been hidden for decades, that is, Lin Qifeng’s husband had come to the old site to look for her after returning from the battlefield, but the little girl told Lin Qifeng Man, Lin Qifeng remarried, and this lying little girl is Lin Shangying’s mother, Lin Xuexin. Grandma Lin Qifeng didn’t blame Lin Xuexin, but passed the loom to her, hoping that one day she would be able to complete the double-sided tapestry. And Lin Shangying is not Lin Haishan’s biological mother. When going abroad in the 1980s, Haishan’s biological mother entrusted Haishan to Lin Shangying, and Lin Shangying exhausted all her efforts to train Haishan. The stories of the five generations portray a vivid picture of the times. The persistence of several women in Kesi art is moving, and their fate is also moving.

Episode 5

After the second episode of the show was broadcast, it received a lot of praise, and the popularity soared. Everyone attended the celebration banquet together, but Yu Zazao was absent. As Yu Zazao was the director of the program, Gu Shiyong did not sign her name, which completely angered Yu Zazao. Just when she was pressing Yuan Jiaying, she was stopped by Tao Tang in time. Tao Tang decided to restrain Yu Zazao’s behavior, but sought justice for her and got the right to sign. Shu Rong has a restrained personality, is used to digesting all emotions by herself, and seldom confides her heart to those around her. The shadows of her childhood and the pressure after work surrounded Shu Rong repeatedly, making her breathless. But the ex-boyfriend who once hurt Shu Rong reappeared and entangled her. Shu Rong tried to ask for help from the people around her, but she lacked the courage and was almost cornered. Fortunately, Yu Zao saw the clue. In the middle of the night, Shu Rong stays alone in the office to work overtime, but is harassed by her ex-boyfriend again. Shu Rong is terrified but doesn’t know how to resist. Fortunately, Yu Zazao appears in time to stun the assailant and save Shu Rong.

What is Kesi embroidery?

Kesi is a traditional Chinese silk tapestry-making method. Kesi tapestry first appeared more than a thousand years ago in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). It is famous for its detailed pictorial designs, lightness and clarity of double-sided pattern… Kesi– a style of Chinese silk weaving skill and one of Suzhou’s rare traditional crafts- is a kind of craftwork made of genuine silk. In today’s China, Suzhou is the only place Kesi skill is preserved. Kesi employs a weaving method called “passing warp thread and cutting weft thread”(Unlike continuous weft brocade, each color in

Kesi style is woven from a separate bobbin, making the method both technically demanding and time-consuming), in which the surface pattern of the fabric seems like having been carved by a knife, and then earns its name a “Kesi”.  Kesi is admired for its selected materials, gorgeous colors, and matchless workmanship. The tapestry is extremely detailed and exquisite, the pictorial designs of which are finely graded, taking on a three-dimensional appearance. Moreover, the pattern on Kesi fabric is identical when seen from its front and its back, making it a top art on par with Suzhou double-sided embroidery. At the same time, Kesi textile is able to withstand touch, scrape, and rub, far superior to other silk products in China. Kesi products are diversified, ranging from clothes, shoes and hats, ribbon bands and quilt covers in daily life to album of paintings and calligraphy, vertical hanging scrolls, traditional paintings hanging in the middle of the main hall, etc.

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanDynastyClothing |#梦华录 #MengHualu #ADreamofSplendor |#HowToWearHanfu #FashionLookBook #Jan2023 | #林允Jelly #SongYinZhang #柳岩 #AdaLiu #SunSanNiang #HenanRadioAndTelevisionSpringFestivalGala. #HenanSatelliteTv  performing that #SongDynasty Teahouse House Fan Dance..  

Located in of Chinese Lunar New Year’s – Year of the Rabbit 22nd January 2023 –  Henan Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala to entertain audiences with the annual Spring Festival gala in a brand new way at 7:30 pm  Beijing Time (GMT+8) on the night of 19th January 2023. …Returning to innovation to the stage this year the Production creation creativity merging immersive performance space, which makes the concrete stage “disappear”, to redefine the relationship between audiences and actors. Empowered with technology, the show will bring novelty visual effects and establish a new concept of space…..

During the Performance is the reunion of two leading actress from the hit Song Dynasty in the eastern part of the Dynasty is life of the梦华录 A Dream of Splendour Zhao Paner (played by Liu Yifei) , who runs a tea shop in Qiantang, is shocked to hear that her fiancé, Ouyang Xu (played by Xu Haiqiao) , who is a new scout, is going to marry the daughter of a high-ranking official. Unwilling to her fate, she vows to go to Beijing to seek justice.

In which Both leading actress林允Jelly柳岩 AdaLiu Performs the Iconic Fan Dance in Song Dynasty moments in which raised red silk, long-sleeved and good at dancing with The blessings of the guests, please check it! In the new year, I wish you good luck, peace and happiness…. Pink Daisy and Red Peach are both real and painted, meeting you in your paintings painted in the dance of the teahouse..

On the way, she met Gu Qianfan (Chen Xiao ) , the commander of the Imperial City Department who came from a wealthy family but was upright in nature, and was involved in a major case in the south of the Yangtze River. With wisdom, Zhao Paner rescued the “No. 1 pipa master in Jiangnan” Song Yinzhang (played by Lin Yun) who was cheated into a marriage and was mistreated, and Sun Sanniang (played by Liu Yan) , a bold cook who was forced to run away from home by her harsh family . The three sisters walked together , finally arrived in the Capital, and experienced the prosperity of the world.

In order not to be driven away from the capital by Ouyang Xu, who has climbed another high branch, Zhao Pan’er, Song Yinzhang and Sun Sanniang went through hardships together, and gradually developed the small tea house into the largest restaurant in capital. The perception of life has also opened the door to equality and salvation for countless ordinary women

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#QIPAO #旗袍 #Cheongsam |#倒叙中式礼服 #ChineseWeddingQipao #August2022 | #FashionLookBook your timeless #RedQipao #TraditionalChineseWeddingDress fusion with #MingDynastyClothing #QingDynastyClothing  collection of individual handcrafted sewn Embroidery auspicious luxurious peony collection….

Located in a two thousand and Six hundred year old Ancient Post Modern Ultra Megatroplis mega city Suzhou Flashback Clothing Co., Ltd- Gusu District Pailide Clothing Firm Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China – People’s Republic of China …. 倒叙中式礼服 Flashback Chinese dress  Specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales, and advanced customization of Chinese dresses such as Xiuhe and Longfeng gowns. 

Collection is from 9th – 15TH August 2022

【Flashback·心有山海】New product debut
Pure white encounters gentle gray and
misty sheer gauze, the dense dreamy fairy goose
delicate lace flower pattern is finished in an orderly manner
, creating an irreplaceable classic charm. Beloved back to the mountains and seas, the mountains and seas are deeply fascinated by the
new work…….

FlashbackNew Product Recommendation# |【和合二全】
The new Chinese Xiuhe version design
combines mercury silver and starry blue
, adding silver threads to the gradient bright satin, dazzling and gorgeous
mesh retro small sleeves are sprinkled with crystal diamonds, pearls, shining Fashionable
and layered mesh skirt, walking with a fairy spirit….

FlashbackNewChinese Wedding Dress [Flashback·Heart has mountains and seas] 2022AW
Queen’s collar is second to elegant swan neck and
sleeves, with bows and floating yarn pieces, the
breeze blows to bring tenderness and love to
dream, warm gold, heart-warming
new works of mountains and seas, Beautiful and boundless! ! !

【Flashback·Heart with mountains and seas】New product debut
Qingbenjiaren, she is astonishing and graceful, she is
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【Flashback·Heart has mountains and seas】New product debut
The ancient charm and beauty that has been precipitated by the
years, the elegance of the millennium is peerless , and the new works
of warm love from the mountains and seas are coming…..

【Flashback·心有山海】New product debut
Classical texture, won the hearts of the people with
unique characteristics, extraordinary meaning
, the sincere work of fearless mountains and seas….

Flashback·心有山海】New product debut
Hide Yingyingqian ‘s shadow in the splendid Huashang,
embed the misty rain and embed the delicate yellowish yellow from the mountains and seas, condensing into a gentle….

Excellent drape, highlighting the bride’s graceful curves and graceful curves. The edge is inlaid with precious pearl chains, implying mutual enrichment with imported sequined beaded lace combined with three-dimensional gold rose  pattern. Jacquard satin, elegant and elegant
with Indian yucca pattern, showing the bride’s fresh and refined…

With Suzhou, Jiangsu  elegant dress height with density, colour density, color gradually beautiful in the improved version of the Malay gown the modern beauty of Chinese style perfectly interprets the beauty of Chinese wedding gowns, presenting the picturesque spirit and elegant charm custom-made special fabrics to design a distinctive pink color , which sets off the bride- the young lady more fresh and refined, super gorgeous, hand-made beading and imported follow Indian silk embroidery Blooming on the wedding gown with that extra embroidery techquie in its tapestry this Chinese wedding gown full of gorgeous and elegant noble atmosphere……

….…… In which timeless gorgeous hand crafted embroidery youthfully cheongsam Qipao Chinese  Qipao –Cheongsam makes a most treasured embroidery art center piece on you  and after on a mannequin as your fashion art piece memorable…….

QIPAO 旗袍 Cheongsam …. In which from historically Shenyang is the birth place of the Qing Dynasty 1636-1912plus ….  In which Qipao is termed for Qing Dynasty Clothing that the Manchu ethnic adoptively wore…… in which the Shenyang Palace Museum was an imperial palace towards two Qing Dynasty emperors. Previously two years ago During the event it which was an eight day forums, with exhibitions also related workshops illustrating the birth place of the Old Capital of Cheongsam where the Qing Dynasty- Qipao was inspired from..  

Before that Shanghai 1930’s Qipao-Cheongsam revolution, the Manchurian Cheongsam was the fashion of choice of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)   throughout as it standardised that style during the dynasty… Replacing the previous clothing standard Han Fu – Han Dynasty clothing style, in which also is form fitting towards the women’s silhouette but with a higher degree of freedom of flare of personal, individual style… 

Qipao-Cheongsam is uniquely hand crafted tailored Chinese dress to the customer’s various measurements… in which you can still have them brought of the rack in which is accustomed to the standard measurements… in which you can tell which is western influenced with the back zipped in which the Eastern traditional Chinese Tailors would have the side zipped of the Qipao dress due it interrupts the flow of the pattern work at the back of the dress..  Also it creates a continuous seamless back look…  after as the measurements are translated drafted onto the silk or the customer desired accustomed fabric of choice, from the measurements book with the associated look of the design elements with additional accessories the sexiness of Qipao lies subtlety.. Measuring, patterning, cutting, and button making are crucial, in where passion and art comes together in tailoring

 In which traditionally Qipao- Cheongsam dresses are worn for from straight forwardly every day towards after work evening wear in without having to change to another set of wardrobe dressing only to accessories for the required occasion… … in which the Qipao dress pattern silhouette is design for the lady’s figure in which accentuating the silhouette without giving away too much of what’s underneath in retaining…. its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy intelligent sophistication in which are easy to be accessorised with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe…

Images and visuals are from Weibo also from倒叙中式礼服 Suzhou Flashback Clothing Co., Ltd- Gusu District Pailide Clothing Firm Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China – People’s Republic of China  For more information, please contact: 18151094293

#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing |#梦华录 #ADreamofSplendor #费霞 #FeiXia #林云 #JellyLin #July2022 |#HowToWearHanfu #FashionLookBook | the look of #宋引章 #SongYinZhang the most famous #Pipa instrumentalist musician how to do Cosmetic makeup and Hair Style…..

梦华录 A Dream of Splendour- 宋引章 Song Yin Zhang Lin Yun (Jelly Lin), She is the teacher of pipa in the Jiaofang, a woman who was cheated and abused by marriage but later she divorce from her abusive husband During the first few episodes With wisdom, Zhao Paner rescued Song Yinzhang (Lin Yun) , the “number one pipa master in the south of the Yangtze River” who was abused by cheating marriage, later whom was by court banished from province , and a good sister of Zhao Paner. Later, she became famous in the capital with her superb pipa skills in which she is a respected and gifted Pipa Musician…

梦华录 A Dream of Splendour The play is adapted from Guan Hanqing’s Yuan drama ” Zhao Pan’er Fengyue Rescue Fengchen “. It tells the story of three women who experienced various difficulties, joined hands to bravely enter Bianjing. The story of trying to turn Yongan Tower into the largest restaurant in Bianjing

Song Yinzhang’s pipa song is famous throughout the city~ the several layers of artistic conception contained in the circulation of the music are even more profoundingly in the series of 梦华录  A Dream of Splendour joined hands with Phoenix Digital Technology and combined with “Painting to Travel Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains” to launch the third video of the series of “Exploring Dreams,梦华录 A Dream of Splendour. Let’s follow the young pipa player Xia Yuyan across a thousand years of music time and space, and feel the sound of the Song Dynasty!
The last popular science video “Dining and Wine” will also be launched soon, don’t miss it!

“I heard that many people like the make- up of Song Yinzhang in梦华录 A Dream of Splendour But it’s still a little difficult for me to imitate myself So today on 27th June 2022 I will restore Song Yinzhang’s makeup with my makeup artist After the makeup, it seems to be back to last summer . Did you find out which episode of makeup and hairstyle this is a copy recreation of the make up on how it’s done..

A琵琶pipa is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years in China. Several related instruments are derived from the pipa, is a traditional Chinese musical instrument, belonging to the plucked category of instruments. Sometimes called the “Chinese lute“, the instrument has a pear-shaped wooden body with a varying number of frets ranging from 12 to 31. Another Chinese four-string plucked lute is the liuqin, which looks like a smaller version of the pipa. The pear-shaped instrument may have existed in China as early as the Han dynasty, and although historically the term pipa was once used to refer to a variety of plucked chordophones, its usage since the Song dynasty refers exclusively to the pear-shaped instrument.

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanDynastyClothing #HanTraditionalClothing |#零青子 #HowToWearHanfu #FashionLookBook #March2022 |#SongDynasty #EveryDayWear how to wear Pastel Mint #SwirlSkirt towards #UrbanWear for #EveryDayWear #WorkWear with a sense of cool Heroine in a Novel..

零青子 Hanfu – Han Dynasty Clothing blogger –Vlogger based in historical modern richness of two thousand and four hundred year old ultra megapolis ancient – postmodern Chengdu city Sichuan province of China – People’s Republic of China. She is one of many leading fashion blogger-Vlogger  fashionably trending setting vlogs of how to wear of her collection of sort after Chinese –Han Dynasty Clothing of Hanfu- Han ethnic Traditional clothing in which dressing traditional from various dynasties to its postmodern twentieth first century trending setting ….

The pastel sheerness Hanfu that is gentle like Chinese pastel Mint blossom pavilion painting, this is probably the gentleness of this softness….  This color scheme is too fresh and elegant. It feels like spring with a sense feeling of a cool heroine in a Chinese Wuxi Novel  …. First it’ how to wear the Horse-face skirt, also known as “horse-face pleated skirt” is a Swirl Skirt variant, is one of the main skirt styles of ancient Chinese Han women. There are four skirt doors inside and outside, overlapping in two. The outer skirt door is decorated, and the inner skirt door is decorated with little or no decoration. For decoration, the side of the horse-faced skirt is tucked up, and the waist of the skirt is mostly white cloth, which means white head and old age, and it is fixed with rope or button…..

The horse-main skirt is the most typical style of Han women’s dress during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its style has undergone a series of changes from the freshness and elegance of the Ming Dynasty to the magnificence and wealth of the Qing Dynasty to the beauty and simplicity of the People’s Republic of China, but its “horse-faced” structure has always been deeply ingrained….,

During the Ming Dynasty Most women wore three collars with narrow sleeves during this dynasty. This is what made up their upper clothing most of the time. Pleated skirts were also popularized in this period and made clothing more graceful for women. Light colours became very popular during the start of the Ming Dynasty. Embroidered capes also became part of the ensemble for women’s clothing. It was worn over the shoulders which were called “Rosy Cloud Cape” due to its rosy and cloud-like shape.

How to wear a Ming Dynasty urban wear every day wear clothing on for a every day wear  first apply the undergarment in which is the Short front Button Cami with the undergarment skirt/ long bloomers  with soft silk Swirl Skirt in very simple pastel colours fabrics with fun Printed playfully keeping warm and cool throughout the seasons then apply wearing the Sheer Fabric Shirt  竖领对襟纱in which it has a Standing Collar with opening shirt with Sheerness Standing collar . 披風 Pi Feng The sheerness is general worn at private areas at Home in which the sheerness is informal wear..  However there’s a heavier moderate for formal wear for urban wear.

HanFu- Han Dynasty Clothing – Han Traditional Clothing is making a massive come back in the Asian Chinese communities as youths reliving In recently decades there’s been very much strong revitalisation of Chinese Customary tailoring clothing in which is HanFu- Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) period inspired clothing in which was worn just before the fall of the Ming Dynasty (23 January 1308 to 25 April1644, until a North East Manchurian fashion that have taken over the traditional Han Dynasty fashion in which we known till today that’s the Qipao in which have been fashionable evolving on the same path also…. Like a Qipao, HanFu can be worn every day, as work wear, till as evening wear… It also it comes in various forms as to the nature of activity of the day or night…

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