#QIPAO #旗袍 #Cheongsam |#上海灘 #SHANGHAITANG |celebrating those twenty five years with returning towards #BackToTheRootsCollection ….

It’s been twenty five years, for one of many Chinese fashion innovative Qipao fashion houses in the People’s Republic of China-China in which located in Hong Kong in 1994 by the late David Tang in which currently it expanded towards thirty four stores worldwide… The late David Tang start out to which Shanghai Tang is a Chinese label that set out to rejuvenate Chinese fashion of the 1920s and 1930s. The fundamental design concept is inspired by 1920s Cheongsam combined with the modernity of the 21st century. Shanghai Tang is noted for its use Chinese culture and heritage in their branding efforts in which his Daughter Victoria Tang – Owen now runs the company in her father role as creative Director also co founder of Thirty30 Creative…..

Celebrating those twenty five years returning reuniting to the heritage to the most iconic styles, elements and silhouettes are reintroduced and reinterpreted through refreshing designs with strong modern sensibility…. Shanghai Tang’s ‘Back to the Roots Collection’ women’s ready-to-wear collection incorporates a well-considered mix of fabrics and textures into versatile wardrobe staples ⁠– a trench coat that can be worn in four ways, sumptuous silk jacquard robes that can be dressed up and down, and Qipao’s that double as a long top over jeans — as well as modern essentials in sporty and travel-friendly fabric perfect for everyday wear.

An exclusive ‘chinoiserie toile’ graphic designed to showcase the history of the brand acts as the starting point and key visual for the collection, presented in a warm, earthy palette that depicts a majestic and autumnal mood with notes of nostalgia.


Credit images and visuals are from Shanghai Tang

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