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HanFu- Han Dynasty Clothing is making a massive come back in the Asian Chinese communities as youths reliving In recently decades there’s been very much strong revitalisation of Chinese Customary tailoring clothing in which is HanFu- Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) period inspired clothing in which was worn just before the fall of the Ming Dynasty (23 January 1308 to 25 April1644, until a North East Manchurian fashion that have taken over the traditional Han Dynasty fashion in which we known till today that’s the Qipao in which have been fashionable evolving on the same path also…. Like a Qipao, HanFu can be worn every day, as work wear, till as evening wear… It also it comes in various forms as to the nature of activity of the day or night…

Preparing Wedding Diary How to dress novel for Chinese wedding? 

  • Hanfu Wedding ceremony is a lifetime event. Once in this life, it must be different, leaving unforgettable memories and restoring traditional Han weddings. What is the general process? Friends who want a Hanfu wedding can collect it~ weddings can be roughly summarized as Zhou weddings represented by the pre-Qin and Han dynasties, Tang weddings represented by the Wei, Jin and Tang, and Ming weddings represented by the Song and Ming dynasties……Most modern people like weekly weddings. The process of weekly Hanfu weddings can be roughly divided into the following steps….- Choose a good day before welcoming the family , wear a big wedding gown, and wear a tiara …….Parents will crown the groom together; The father gave his son a glass of wine and told him to run his own family from now on, and be filial to the parents,
    and then hand the token wooden geese to his son. The groom held the wooden geese and went to the bride’s house. the next of kin…..- Escorting…..to the home of the bride, groom upstairs, bow down to the old man, brought keepsake wooden goose, for the elderly or disabled people.
    At this point the bride hair has a good string together, after tea, the father evocative daughter, her mother put on Bob, newlyweds bow, thanked parents, consumed alcohol, to send pro out…..- To the man’s home…..the bride and groom hands holding Da Honghua got off the car, entered the new house, bowed down to his parents, served tea to the elderly, and took a blessing…..Relatives and friends put the red dates, peanuts, longans, and chestnuts in the dustpan to the two newcomers. They have eaten the four fruits that symbolize the “early birth and precious son.” The mother-in-law brought sweet soup. Sweet soup, sweet happiness.
  • ——Wedding ceremony
    Weekly Hanfu wedding ceremony officially began. The two newlyweds were accompanied by the bridesmaids and best man to read the praises, and then the newlyweds walked in the prostitution and washed their hands to express their solemn feelings.
  • Performing the same ceremony, eating the same kind of meat and the same kind of rice in the bowl, expressing that the new couple has since become a family.
    卺獺獺礼, 卺 means gourd. The bridesmaid took a cut gourd, and the bride and groom each drank bitter wine in a scoop, indicating that the new couple will share joys and sorrows. After drinking, put the gourds together and the bride tied the gourds with a red thread.
  • Afterwards, the newlyweds gave a gift, the bride and groom cut a strand of hair from each other, and the bride tied the hair together with a red thread, indicating that the knot was forever. The newlyweds wear jade pendants for each other, and then perform the ceremony of holding hands and finally three prayers, one to the heaven and the earth, two to the high hall, and the husband and wife worship, and the ceremony is completed….






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