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“尘缘 Divine Density ” is directed by Zheng Weiwen , co-directed by Liu Chongchong , starring Angelababy and Ma Tianyu , starring Xuan Lu and Wang Zhuocheng , Ding Qiao , Xu Lin , Hu Wenzhe , Wang Ruizi , Zhang Song , Liu Xiangjing , Gao Liang , Zhang Beibei , Wang Haixiang , He Jianze , Mengqin , Li Yuyang starred, Zhang Guoqiang , Zheng Xiyi special starred, Zhu Yongteng , Li Yanan special starred, Liu Qiaofang , Hai Yitian starred in a costume drama .       The play will be broadcast on iQiyi on July 2, 2023 .

This play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Yan Yu Jiangnan, “Dust Fate”. It tells the story of Zhang Yinyin, a bright and unrestrained elder sister of the Xixuan School, who goes down the mountain and “abducts” Ji Ruochen, a counterfeit immortal who wants to cultivate immortals, and wants to take him to start cultivating immortals . However, the defense was broken because the other party snatched the top spot on the Qingyun list. The two started the story of falling in love with each other, turning into foxes for love, deep in sadomasochistic love, and finally joined hands to save the common people of the world.


Orphan Ji Ruochen was mistaken for the inheritor of the immortal world because he mistakenly wore a bluestone that contained immortal power, and was finally accepted as a closed disciple by Ziwei, the head of the Xixuan School. On Xixuan Mountain, after unremitting efforts, Ji Ruochen quickly took on the important task of rebuilding the world of cultivating immortals. After the Xixuan School passed the university entrance examination, Gu Qing gradually developed a crush on Ji Ruochen because of Fang Qingshi, and the two soon fell in love. This makes Zhang Yinyin, the junior sister who has always had a crush on Ji Ruochen, heartbroken. In a rage, she worships Tianhu as her teacher, and wants to learn Tianhu art to win back her love. After learning that the Lord of the Nine Nethers caused disasters to the Zhongwu Kingdom, Ji Ruochen and Zhang Yinyin were ordered by their teachers to go down the mountain to save the common people. On the way, Ji Ruochen was trapped in Luo Ranshan because of rescuing Qingyi. Fortunately, Gu Qing gave up his life to save him from danger. After this battle, his childhood sweetheart finally lost to love at first sight. Soon, Luo Feng, the owner of Qingshi, joined forces with the Lord of Jiuyou to harm Ji Ruochen in order to avenge his love. In the end, Ji Ruochen united forces from all factions, defeated Luo Feng and sealed the Lord of Nine Serenity. While benefiting the people of one side, it also brought long-term peace for Zhongwu Kingdom…

[ Zhang Yinyin ]  played by杨颖 Angela –Yang Ying Yuen Wing , the bright and flamboyant senior sister of the Xixuan sect, Disciple of Daodezong, Zhang Jingxiao’s daughter, and Ji Ruochen’s childhood sweetheart, have paid for him several times. In the end, there was a child beside Ji Ruochen.

楊穎 Angelababy (Yang Ying -Yuen Wing ), born in Shanghai on February 28, 1989 (one said it is Hong Kong  SAR, China, People’s Republic of China )  , is a Chinese film and television actress and fashion model.

In 2003, Angelababy debuted as a model. Since then, she has emerged in Hong Kong as a fashion model. In 2007, he began to shift his focus to the big screen. In 2011, she acted as the heroine for the first time in the romance film “Summer Joy ”   . In 2012, won the Most Watched Actress Award at the 13th Chinese Film Media Awards with the romance film “The First Time ” . In 2013, she and three other female artists were selected as the new “Four Little Stars “by” Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly ” ; in the same year, she also completed her screen debut ” The Song of Love in the Cloud “. 

In 2014, she began to win widespread attention with the reality show ” Run, Brother ” ; in the same year, she also won the Most Popular Actress Award at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival  for her role in the costume film ” Di Renjie: The Dragon King of God “. In 2015, the box office of the adventure film ” Ghost Blowing the Lantern: Finding the Dragon ” starring her exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, and she also won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 33rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards for this film  . In 2017, the costume drama “A Lonely Beauty Don’t Admire Itself” starring in it won the national ratings champion of TV dramas at the same time . In 2020, she starred in the romance film ” Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” ; in the same year, she was included in the Forbes China Celebrity List for the eighth time and ranked 16th……    

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing | #June2023 #正好遇见你 #HiProducer | Episode 10 to 13 – Chinese cultural Inheritance of an intangible cultural | The inheritance of Ru kiln porcelain in the past dynasties also classical dance restoration Han and Tang Dynasties…..

正好遇见你 #HiProducer  is an intangible cultural heritage urban drama directed by Gao Han , starring Guo Xiaodong , Zhang Nan , Li Xiaoran , Zhang Bo , Zheng Kai , Sun Yihan , Niu Zifan , Sheng Langxi , and Wu Qianyu  .

The series tells the story of a variety show team with literary director Yu Zazao and young cultural relics expert Tao Tang as the core, working together to launch a cultural TV program in order to show the beauty of Chinese civilization. The series covers 35 episodes in which is produce by Huanyu Film and Television in collaboration streaming with iQyi and Tencent Video ….. Majority of the Production is done in Suzhou for its modern setting among with the Chinese Cultural Traditional Heritages recreation is done at Hengdian, Subo studios…

Behind the Scenes of the production shooting process….  During the filming, the crew was allowed to enter the Suzhou Museum for on-site shooting, but in order to protect cultural relics, most of the cultural relics appearing in the play are imitation props. In the early stage of filming, the drama team found historians of relevant cultural relics, searched a large number of documents to repeatedly compare the status and details of real cultural relics, and invited professional relics masters to copy them, so as to achieve the effect of false ones. The biggest one is the filigree inlay technology, which represents the highest level of imperial crafts. When making the Jin Ou Yonggu Cup props in the filigree inlay unit, the drama crew carried out a one-to-one replica in strict accordance with historical data, which took a full two months…

Main Cast

Guo Xiao Dong as Liao Muyun

Zhang Nan as Yu Zaizao

Li Xiao Ran as Wang Xining

Jaco Zhang Bo as Tao Tang

Zheng Kai as Gu Shiyong

Annie Sun Yi Han as Yuan Jiaying

Niu Zi Fan as Xie Yao

Joy Sheng Lang Xi as Shu Rong

Karena Ng as Zhuang Yiyi

Li De Long as A Xun

Synopsis Gu Shiyong, CEO of Palace Culture Film and Television Production Company, is determined to create a new large-scale cultural variety show “Inheritance”. He strongly invites Tao Tang, a young cultural relic expert, Mu Zongyun, a well-known director, and Wang Xining, a senior host. However, just when the program was ready to start, the young female director Yu Zazao suddenly parachuted into the company and joined the program group, disrupting the overall plan of the program and being strongly rejected by everyone. Surprisingly, Yu Zazao is calm and witty, dares to break the rules, and has inexhaustible inspiration like a genius. With her help, the originally scattered production team became unprecedentedly cohesive. Everyone worked together, starting from the historical relics of the Forbidden City, devoted themselves to excavating the core memory of the nation, promoting historical and traditional culture, and solving the problem of non-genetic inheritance. In the end, “Inheritance” stood out from many homogeneous programs and became a great success. Yu Zazao also successfully healed his soul and gained a complete friendship and career..

Episode 10

Zazao decided to make museum porcelain for the fifth issue. Yuan Jiaying assisted Tao Tang to shoot the inheritance of porcelain in the past dynasties and the daily work of ancient porcelain restorers with the theme of Tang Sancai. Yu Zazao led Team B to the home of Yang Wan, a famous antique porcelain artist. Yang Wan was silent and immersed in her own art world. Her husband Xiao Hong took good care of his wife and knew every piece of his wife’s works like the back of his hand. Yu Zazao accidentally discovers a mysterious attic in the Yang family, but Xiao Hong stops him when he tries to open the door. Fortunately, Tao Tang shows up in time to explain to Yu Zazao, and Xiao Hong agrees to continue filming. Yu Zaizao pointed out that there is a huge difference in the style of Yang Wan’s works. Xiao Hong told Yu Zaizao that Yang Wan has a twin sister, Yang Xuan. Both sisters are very good at making porcelain, but their styles are very different. Ru kiln is shiny and pure, while the Jun kiln made by sister Yang Wan is luxurious and elegant. However, her younger sister Yang Xuan died unexpectedly, and Yang Wan suffered a very heavy blow. In order to commemorate her sister, Yang Wan turned to study Ru kiln.

Episode 11

On the other hand, Wen Zhou, the host invited by the program group, was intercepted, causing Yuan Jiaying, who was going to film Tang Sancai porcelain, to open the skylight. Yu Zaizao said that even if Wang Xining was injured, she could still shoot perfectly. Wang Xining was injured on her right face and leg, so she asked her to sit quietly, and told the story of Emperor Cheng Hua, Zhu Jianshen and the Chicken Crock Cup in one scene. The email of the restored photo was sent, and the photos of Hang Sharong were displayed inch by inch on the computer. Yu Zazao looked at the group photo of Hang Sharong and the sisters of the Yang family, and fell into deep thought. Yuan Jiaying thought that the latest issue of porcelain was well received, and proposed to make a sequel, which was opposed by everyone. Seeing the ancient murals and photos of pottery figurines brought by Tao Tang, Yu Zazao decided to overthrow Yuan’s idea and turn to classical dance restoration. Tao Tang introduced the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe, which is working with Su Bo to restore the classical dance of the Han and Tang Dynasties, and Lu Feiyu, the chief dancer of the dance troupe, agreed to be interviewed. But when she saw the fish in the water, she suddenly changed her mind and told everyone that she would never cooperate with someone who had no sense of responsibility. At this time, everyone knew that Yu Zazao and Lu Feiyu had studied under the same famous dancer Feng Yunying.

Episode 12

Yu Zaizao suddenly disappeared, and everyone thought she was devastated. The show was in danger of being opened up, so Yuan Jiaying asked her to film it first. Just when the show was at an impasse, Feng Yunying, who was supposed to be gathering in Dunhuang, returned unexpectedly, and Lu Feiyu was both surprised and delighted. Feng Yunying told the truth to Lu Feiyu. It turned out that Lu Feiyu and Yu Zazao were the most important things to her back then. However, Yu Zazao’s insensitivity to the emotions around her affected her shaping of dance drama characters, and she would never be able to become a qualified dance artist. . In order to train Lu Feiyu wholeheartedly, and to allow Yu Zazao to open her heart and gain emotional experience, she encourages Yu Zazao to accept the “pursuit” of psychologist Ye Fujun. This move greatly stimulated Lu Feiyu, who also admired Dr. Ye, and caused the dance troupe to fall apart. In order to further make Lu Feiyu feel the pain, Feng Yunying gave corner A to Yu Zazao and asked Lu Feiyu to jump corner B. This incident was known to Fei Yu’s male partner Xie Hui. In order to teach Yu Zazao a lesson, he intentionally made an accident when throwing Yu Zazao high during training, causing Yu Zazao to fall directly to the ground and fracture his tail vertebrae. After the incident, Professor Feng felt deeply guilty, and Yu Wangqing took Yu Zazao away in a fit of anger. In order to protect Lu Feiyu, Feng Yunying concealed the truth of the incident, and only said that Yu Zazao gave up dancing after being injured. Lu Feiyu thought that Yu Zazao had broken her promise to learn dance all her life, and developed hatred for her.

Episode 13

Knowing the truth, Lu Feiyu felt regretful and heartbroken, and immediately agreed to participate in the filming of the variety show. During the filming of the program group, Lu Feiyu led the students to dance the Dunhuang dance that had been choreographed, which amazed everyone. However, Lu Feiyu fell to the ground due to severe lumbar muscle strain. Fortunately, Yu Zazao had already seen the clue and invited an acupuncture expert in advance. Lu Feiyu had to rest to ease the pain in her body, which meant no time for rehearsals for her solo performance. In addition, Yu Zazao also readjusted the ending of the dance. Gu Shiyong couldn’t help feeling worried, but Yu Zazao and Lu Feiyu were full of confidence. Lu Feiyu’s solo recording was very successful. Fang Quan, the producer of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” who was waiting for Lu Feiyu’s appearance, learned that his plan had failed. Zao’s victory doll, blood pressure soared. After the performance, Lu Feiyu reached out and hugged Yu Zazao. Feng Yunying formally apologizes to Yu Zazao, but Yu Zazao doesn’t understand why the teacher is crying.

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing | #May2023 |#FashionLookBook#全明星片花#HiProducer featuring the look of #吳謹言 #WuJinyan recreating her look of #QingDynasty #旗袍 #Qipao  #延禧攻略 #StoryOfTheYanxiPalace Yinyan’s  Empress Wei YingLuo -Weigiya Xiaoyichun …

“全明星片花Hi Producer” is an intangible cultural heritage urban drama directed by Gao Han, starring Guo Xiaodong , Zhang Nan , Li Xiaoran , Zhang Bo , Zheng Kai , Sun Yihan , Niu Zifan , Sheng Langxi , and Wu Qianyu  .   

The play tells the story of a variety show team with literary director Yu Zazao and young cultural relic’s expert Tao Tang as the core, in order to show the beauty of Chinese civilization and work together to launch a cultural TV program.The play will be broadcast on iQiyi and Tencent Video on May 20, 2023 in which is on 520 When spoken in Mandarin, the phrase “I love you” (wǒ ài nǐ) sounds very similar to 520 (wǔ èr yī). Soon, the equivalent date of May 20 transformed into a celebration of love, heavily focused around gift giving. Couples have even started getting married on 520….

Synopsis …..Director Yu Zazao (played by Zhang Nan) joined Gu Shiyong (played by Zheng Kai ) to create a large-scale cultural program “Inheritance”, and competed with Yuan Jiaying ( played by Sun Yihan ) for the position of chief editor. In order to form a high-quality program production team, Gu Shiyong also strongly invited senior host Wang Xining ( played by Li Xiaoran ) , well-known director Mu Zongyun ( played by Guo Xiaodong ) , and young cultural relics expert Tao Tang ( played by Zhang Bo ) to join. Through everyone’s hard work, “Inheritance” has finally become a phenomenon-level cultural program. Yu Zazao, who lacked empathy since childhood, gradually opened up his heart during the filming process, and finally reaped a complete friendship and career.

During the series吳謹言 #WuJinyan who played Empress Wei YingLuo -Weigiya Xiaoyichun延禧攻略 #StoryOfTheYanxiPalace… In the sixth year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong’s reign, a young girl Wei Yingluo ( played by Wu Jinyan ) entered the Forbidden City as a court lady in order to seek the truth about her elder sister’s death. After investigation, Yingluo confirmed that her sister’s death was related to the absurd prince Hong Zhou, and she was determined to seek justice. Empress Fucha (played by Qin Lan) is adept at etiquette, worried that Yingluo would go astray, and tried her best to give her warmth and help. Under the queen’s careful teaching, Wei Yingluo grew up step by step into an upright and strong court lady, she put down her hatred and lived a serious life. Unfortunately, the queen passed away, causing Yingluo to misunderstand Qianlong (Nie Yuan ) a lot. The two went from being hostile to each other to finally understanding and supporting each other.

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing |#April2023 #May2023 |#FashionLookBook featuring the look of #吳謹言 #WuJinyan #CCTV Dress in #SongDynasty Era sing a Spring March for the 2023 Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Festival…….

On the 3rd April 2023 CCTV Aired a live broadcast on jointly inherit civilization and embrace spring, Spring season for the 2023 China (Kaifeng) Tomb-sweeping Culture Festival Opening festival gala “in which The 2023 China (Kaifeng) Qingming Cultural Festival is being held in Kaifeng, Henan Province, which runs from April 1 to 15. This year’s Qingming Cultural Festival consists of six major activity series featuring economic and trade promotion, cultural exchanges, sports events As one of China’s first batch of national historical and cultural cities, Kaifeng dates back to 4,100 years ago. The Yellow River culture, the Song Dynasty culture, the Grand Canal culture, and the spirit of Jiao Yulu have shaped Kaifeng’s resilient and hardworking urban character. The annual China (Kaifeng) Qingming Cultural Festival has become a window for the world to understand Kaifeng and a symbol of Kaifeng’s outreach to the world. The planning of this year’s Qingming Cultural Festival includes a series of distinctive, remarkable, and influential cultural activities as well as a rich and diverse range of mass cultural events. These will fully showcase the new era’s Qingming cultural connotation and highlight the unique charm of Kaifeng as a base for inheriting the Chinese Qingming culture…..

During the On April 2, a spring parade to celebrate the 2023 China (Kaifeng) Qingming Cultural Festival was held at the square in front of the south gate of the Dragon Pavilion Park ( or Long Ting) in Kaifeng city of Central China’s Henan province, which involved 30 parade formations and thousands of performers dressed in traditional costumes of the Song Dynasty (960-1279)

吳謹言 Wu Jinyan sang a song “Spring in March”, depicting the beauty of spring in the millennium Song Yun “At the beginning of March in Yangchun, there are clusters of beautiful flowers in the world, and people are happy from their hearts when they meet this scene.” Wu Jinyan sang “Spring March” in Song Dynasty era Han Traditional Clothing, and the lyrics and music spanned thousands of years…..

Kaifeng is a city in central China’s Henan province , People’s Republic of China, just south of the Yellow River. Rebuilt many times, the city was the Northern Song Dynasty capital from the 10th to 12th centuries. Dating to that period is the Iron Pagoda, a 55m-tall octagonal structure built in 1049.  is a prefecture-level city in east-central Henan province, China. It is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals of China, having been the capital eight times in history, and is best known for having been the Chinese capital during the Northern Song dynasty. 

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#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing | #May2023 #相思令 #FashionLookBook featuring the look of #楊穎 #Angelababy #AngelaYeungWing as # 君绮罗 #EverlastingLonging  #JunQiluo #君非凡 #JunFeifei ….

相思令 Everlasting Longing  production has finished filming also in the process of Post Production on the week month of May 2023 The seasons are iterated, knowing each other and walking together; the sun and the moon rotate, and lovesickness awakens from dreams. Grateful for meeting, not seeing each other again, thanks to all cast and crew for their dedication, 相思令 is officially finished!…. 相思令 Everlasting longing is TV series  is directed by Mai Guanzhi , starring Yang Ying and Song Weilong , co-starring Ren Hao and Bai Bingke , guest starring Yao Chi and Wang Yiting, Chen Tao, Chen Chen , Qin Xiaoxuan , Li Shuting , Long Shuiting , Wu Yijia , Yan An , Chen Qianyu , Christina starring, Ren Zhong , Sha Baoliang , Yu Bo , Tian Li , Zhang Junning , Xia Nan special starring , Ho Rundong , Luo Jialiang friendship starring in ancient costume romance drama . 

The play is adapted from Xi Juan ‘s novel ” The Stolen Bride “. It tells the story of Jun Qiluo, the daughter of Jun’s patriarch, who led her family to revive the family business after experiencing a difficult life in a foreign land 

The synopsis of the story相思令 Everlasting longing is TV series Jun Qiluo/Jun Feifan (played by Angela Yeung Wing Yang Ying), the patriarch of the Yannan City-state Lord with dual identities, was robbed by Xuan Lie (played by Song Weilong), the leader of the Beixuan City -state Xuanbu, while following her father’s business . They went north together with different goals. During the process, the two tested each other and guarded against each other . They experienced life and death together….

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