In this year’s 2022, the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the Tiger, marking its six hundred and two years anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644) transitionally from Nanjing to Beijing towards the Qing Dynasty (1636-1644-1911) …. The Imperial Palace seen so many countless seasonally transitional equinoxes but further its six hundred years is iconic, but it’s five hundred ninety nine years it marks it Autumn Equinox…. In which it only took twelve years to build the same of the Daming Palace of The Tang Dynasty Xian Imperial Capital only it was least twenty times larger…

Wenhuadian Palace Museum Bookstore

“The Most Beautiful Bookstore” Hidden in the “Palace”

Spring is beautiful in books: a trip to appreciate spring in parks, museums and bookstores… ​​​Beijing has not only the Palace Museum, a place for enjoying spring, which condenses the cultural context of a hundred years, but also has beautiful scenery, and the old Beijing Siheyuan, which is full of Beijing flavor and pleasant, and has a large area like the Canal Forest Park. , A place for outings, where natural scenery and cultural scenery are unique, what kind of leisurely and pleasant experience should I walk into a bookstore, sit down to watch the scenery, enjoy the spring, and read? Try it yourself.

Known as “the most beautiful bookstore in the Forbidden City”, Wenhuadian Bookstore is located in the first district of Wenhuadian in the Forbidden City. The temple was built in the early Ming Dynasty and is located to the east of the Xiehe Gate of the Outer Dynasty.

Wenhua Hall is an important building in the Forbidden City, both in terms of architectural function and cultural symbol. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, every year in the spring, autumn and mid-month, the emperor held a banquet in the Wenhua Hall to teach the “Four Books and Five Classics”. The famous Wenyuan Pavilion is located behind the Wenhua Hall, and the largest series of books in Chinese history, the “Siku Quanshu” in Wenyuan Pavilion, was once collected here.

It can be said that the history of Wenhua Palace for hundreds of years is the history of the fragrance of calligraphy and ink. Opening a bookstore here brings together the essence and aura of Wenhua Palace. Walking into the bookstore, the fragrance of history condensed seems to be gently blowing towards the face, so exquisite and elegant, which makes readers feel particularly cherished.

Outside the bookstore, hundreds of Xifu Begonias are blooming in spring, and readers can read, enjoy flowers, browse the scenery, and chat. And they themselves will become an unforgettable scenery in the Forbidden City.

Imagines credits are of the Forbidden City –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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