One of the priceless exhibits of the 601年 year old Forbidden City that’s located in the heart of Beijing also its Central Axis of three thousands year old  Ancient Modern Ultra megapolis city….让我们与来读校园 The imperial soaking page of the imperial farming and weaving picture poem porcelain plate book during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. There are …

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At the moment currently during the Month of May 2021 opening at the 1st May 2021, within the Forbidden city Palace– Beijing- People’s Republic of China in the Palace halls of WuyingHall in which is Two years later, the Ceramics Hall of the Palace Museum reopened to the audience in Wuying Hall on May 1, …

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Currently running an exhibition is the Co-hosted by the Palace Museum and China Post Group Co., Ltd., and undertaken by China Philatelic Co., Ltd. and Beijing Youlaiyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., the “National Business Card Forbidden Treasure-Forbidden City Stamp Exhibition” will be held in the Forbidden City from May 18th. The Zhai Palace exhibition hall of …

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Currently running an exhibition is the Temple Ritual-Special Exhibition of Figure Paintings of Past Dynasties Collected in the Palace Museum (Phase1 )” opening on May 1st, Wenhua Hall opening for two months till 30th 2021 in which is situated exhibiting at on display at the Wenhua Hall Painting and Calligraphy Gallery….. The exhibition involves in with its …

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Throughout the palace halls of the Imperial Palace Forbidden City also in mostly writing desk also in households throughout.. The ink bed is a tool for placing ink products during grinding. Rectangular and scroll styles are more common. The ink bed is rich in materials, whether it is jade, bamboo or wood, or enamel, all of …

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    Painter and their world……. Ming Dynasty four masters Painter Calligrapher Poet…  文徵明Wen Zhengming, with comprehensive accomplishments in calligraphy and painting, he works in landscapes, orchids and bamboo, flowers, and figures. In the history of painting, he, Shen Zhou, Tang Yin, and Qiu Ying are collectively referred to as the “Four Schools of Wu Men”. This …

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  As for the year 2020 it’s been a very intriguing celebrating year for the Ming –Qing Dynasty Forbidden City in which is for Year-end event!  Xue Wu fluttered, telling the past; one after another, looking forward to the future. Following the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, at the end of 2020, Peking University has …

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Yesterday in a very 21st November 2020 Beijing- China – People’s Republic of China wintery from autumn transitionally snowy in a very wintery in which brushing real life Chinese paintings falling on the its six hundred year anniversary of the Forbidden city – Palace city Museum…. In which White snow inlaid red walls, broken pieces …

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Fashion Base in Guangzhou- Guangdong Province capital of China –People’s Republic of China is an innovative Hanfu Fashion Clothing store in which is 汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian- Guangzhou Hanlian Trading Co., Ltd… in which is prominent promoter of HanFu life promoter, Hanfu brand, the store … in which the team汉尚华莲汉服 HanShangHualian Sharing tips on Hanfu, hairstyle tutorial …

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On 7th November 2020 Beijing Television -iQyi Streaming of the 北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City in which it stream the third season of A Guzheng- Guqin plays the legacy of the great sage of the Tang Dynasty in which recreates a scene of a jug of wine creates the mood of Emperor Qianlong’s Lanting …

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