Currently for the Month of November 2022 CCTV China Central Television has been running a yearlong in the making  Aerial view documentary of views of China with stunning drone videography documentary detail the whole lives of the Numerous Cites of China, People’s Republic of China on multiple layers recording the real face of China presently.

Contents of this issue: This is a brand new city with its speed and passion; this is an ancient city with a unique history and a unique way of life. People praise it for returning to the motherland, and jointly continue the unchanging Chinese folk customs. Over today’s Macau, we can see a world that has entered into China and a confident China that has integrated into the world

The fourth season of “Aerial China” China’s first sea airport is actually in Macau? How many Chinese miracles have been created in Macau with only 33 square kilometers?

《航拍中国》第四季 中国第一座海上机场竟在澳门?只有33平方公里的澳门究竟创造了多少中国奇迹呢? EP7 Aerial China Ⅳ【CCTV纪录】

“Aerial Photography of China” (the fourth season) shows the beautiful scenery of the land of China, evokes the nostalgic situation, and embodies the ideological and artistic conception of history and culture. It presents Beijing, Guangxi, Qinghai, Hubei, Hong Kong, Tibet, The natural ecology, cultural landscape, and economic and social development of 11 provincial-level administrative regions including Macao, Liaoning, Taiwan Province, Chongqing, and Henan show the image of China, Chinese culture, Chinese spirit, and Chinese governance in the new era, so that “Aerial Photography of China” The series of documentaries has become the first large-scale series of documentaries in the history of Chinese documentaries to cover the whole country from the air and record the real face of China at present.

《航拍中国》第四季 中国第一座海上机场竟在澳门?只有33平方公里的澳门究竟创造了多少中国奇迹呢? EP7 Aerial China Ⅳ【CCTV纪录】

本期内容: 这是一座全新的城市,有它的速度与激情;这是一座古老的城市,带着独特的历史还有别具一格的生活方式。人们赞美它回归祖国的盛举,共同延续不曾改变的华夏民俗。在今天的澳门上空,看见一个走进中国的世界和一个融入世界的自信中国…


Images and visuals are from their Respectives.

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