Mission Bay — July fogged—

July-242-2013-sony 021

‘don’t swin in a foggy beach”

Auckland was foggy extremely on 22nd July 2013. In the morning from where I was you couldn’t see pass the least than one hundred meters. But when the sun came out in later in the later mornings it became slight clearer, burning the fog out,  roughly Teen-ish in the morning mostly Mission bay was fogged out in the Waitemata harbour, in which was unsafe to swim out, as you could barely see the Rangitoto Island, least than only a dangerous least than 100 meters away. The incoming out going Ships blasted their fog horns in the fogged out harbour in the distance where it could not been seen.  Mission Bay from that point was seen as a a Nicole Kidman movie ” The Others” in where your live-ishly are in the scene where you are in the self, directed, also screen play sequel of the movie.

Arriving there,  driving along Tamaki drive thinking only could see the only a little of the shore line also a bit more, only on actually the expected view is replace by fog in the very close distance like the cursed Black Pearl arrived in the harbour to loot the oncoming ships.

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