Taken on past 2010 eve..


Taken on past New Year’s Eve, on eight past midnight in the morning on the year 2010.  On that morning or the eve, the crowds gathered around to watch the impending spectacular of fireworks from the Sky tower. from the Auckland’s central business district.  Crowds gather, some lately arrived, but most that do, find parking spaces afar to walk to the front of the Auckland war memorial Museum in Parnell, in which has an all compassing two seventy degrees view of the city, with standing at the back the museum mood lighted.

But before you do its best to check your car is locked just in case, also grab also warm clothing it can be cold even the warmest of days or nights.

Arriving around, you could see the crowds gathered to watch the fireworks as the clock counted down crowds counted to the seconds making way for the New Year, celebrating with least than ten minutes of candle blossoming with fireworks  of Auckland to first to celebrate the new year of 2010.

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