CHANEL | Horogerie- Mademoiselle Prive’ – Coromandel


When you look at watch, wondering what the time is, whether it’s digital, or Analogue that’s tells the time or serve with other different functions, in Practical, or in art form used… in the years of having pocket watches, in which serves in occasional when keep in Gentlewomen, Men’s travelling waist coats.. you think those pocket watches as art when they served more than telling the time, like in Tissot range..

But when it comes to wearable watches that’s wrapped around your wrist, it’s almost like wearable art, when you have something beautifully crafted of that occasion, like in Chanel’s range, of “Artistic Crafted watches.” In which when worn it’s the only thing that’s accessorizing your dress for that occasion. . .

Like the Mademoiselle Prive’ – Coromandel, it’s beautifully crafted with a certain Chinese poetic painting look, with soft feminine, designs crafting two birds together telling a story perching on a Chinese style painting branches.. As you moves they move.. With highly degree of crafted sculpting the pieces together in gold, with crafted white blossoms… With the little of the watches baton showing the time while the emphasis is more of the artistic story nature of craftsmanship in with gemstones, or diamond crusted settled bezel of the watch in creating that only jewelry to be worn… the Mademoiselle Prive’ – comes in many stories designs,  representing the many different elements it’s own, your story….

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