In this year’s 2020, the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the rat, marking its six hundred years anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644) transitionally from Nanjing to Beijing towards the Qing Dynasty (1636-1644-1911) …. The Imperial Palace seen so many countless seasonally transitional equinoxes but further its six hundred years is iconic, but it’s five hundred ninety nine years it marks it Autumn Equinox…. In which it only took twelve years to build the same of the Daming Palace of The Tang Dynasty Xian Imperial Capital only it was least twenty times larger……

There is a kind of “house-style” gates in the Forbidden City, such as Taihe Gate, Qianqing Gate, Ningshou Gate, Yangxing Gate, etc. They are all independent buildings. It is called the “door”. People often mistakenly believe that it is the Hall of Supreme Harmony because it is built like a hall.

The Forbidden city has five gates also is based on  three dynasties system inspired designing  in the Forbidden City 紫禁城成 in which its construction 600年 years ago the construction design format is  the palace system of the Zhou Dynasty, representing orthodoxy, and is the highest palace architectural level in ancient China, almost inherited by the past dynasties. Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty renovated the city of Beijing and built the Forbidden City.

 A new central axis was determined, but the ancestral system was still followed. The Forbidden City of Beijing was planned according to the Forbidden City of Nanjing. The five gates in Wanli were Daming Gate, Chengtian Gate, Duan Gate, Meridian Gate, and Huangji Gate, namely Fengtian Gate. The three dynasties were Huangji Hall (Fengtian Hall), Zhongji Hall (Huagai Hall), and Jianji Hall (Jingshen Hall). . When the Ming Dynasty brought the Yuan Dynasty out of chaos, it simply razed the Yuan Dynasty to the ground and set up five sects and three dynasties in accordance with the orthodox thought of “Zhou Li”, indicating that the Ming Dynasty inherited the Datong….. In which the other four gates are Tiananmen, Duanmen, Meridian, Taihemen, Taihe Hall, Zhonghe Hall, and Baohe Hall.

【紫禁城的五门三朝制】 紫禁城建成  600年 悦读故宫 是周代的宫室制度,代表正统,是中国古代最高的宫殿建筑等级,几乎被历代所继承。明永乐帝改造北京城,营建紫禁城,确定了新的轴线,但仍遵循祖制,按南京紫禁城来规划北京紫禁城,于轴线上依据《周礼》所定设置五门三朝。万历时五门是大明门、承天门、端门、午门、皇极门即奉天门,三朝是皇极殿(奉天殿)、中极殿(华盖殿)、建极殿(谨身殿)。明代在对元代拨乱反正时,干脆把元大内夷为平地,按照《周礼》的正统思想设置五门三朝,表示大明王朝承袭了大统

Imagines credit are of the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China

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