The Forbidden City Book Store which in the grounds of the Forbidden City Complex Forbidden City Hundred Excellent Books Public welfare reading activities! ” Forbidden City Hundred Excellent Books  “The Way of Architecture of the Forbidden City “ Public Reading Activity Why is the Meridian Gate a perfect embodiment of the integration of gates and walls in ancient Chinese architecture? The book “Building the Forbidden City” wrote: The Meridian Gate was built in the eighteenth year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty (1420), and rebuilt in the eighth year of Shunzhi (1651) and the sixth year of Jiaqing (1801) in the Qing Dynasty. The plane is concave, the pier is 12 meters high, there are 3 doors in the middle, and there is an east-west tuck door on each side, which is in the shape of “light, three, dark and five”.

 A gate tower is built in the middle of the pier, with a width of 9 rooms totalling 60.05 meters, and a depth of 5 rooms totalling 25 meters. From the city wall to the ground, it is 37.95 meters high from the face to the right kiss. There are bell and drum pavilions on the left and right sides of the main building, each with 3 pavilions, and 13 corridors on each of the two wings. Quemen forms a square of more than 9,900 square meters to the south, with Jialiang on the left and a sundial on the right on the imperial road in front of the gate. There are horse roads on the inside of each of the four gate piers to the top of the city platform, and there are roads connected to facilitate defense communication. Meridian Gate is not only the highest, largest and most magnificent gate in the Forbidden City, but also a perfect embodiment of the gate-queue form of ancient Chinese architecture.

Imagines credits are of the Forbidden City –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China also from the Series Weibo北京卫视上新了故宫 Treasures in the Forbidden City…

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