One driving escape.


This is one drive of road is one of the best escapes from after work, given you just had heavy work load. When you drive down this drive, it refreshing you has you drive down slowly to take you time driving down or up the drive. Locate in the first thing that you drive into in Cornwell Park,  is a drive known as Pohutukawa drive from the Greenlane west, Auckland, New Zealand.

The drive is surrounded by beautifully Edwardian planted trees, that it was crafted, by the parks donor Sir Logan Campbell. In that surroundings it’s a place where it people exercise, weekend  family fun where there’s place located nearby so you could do family BBQ’s in the park. Plus it’s one very good location to have your wedding photographs taken timelessly.

your after work escape is there 24/7 for you, even though it’s pleasing relaxing refreshing to escape to during summery,  it can be the same during wintery seasons. Driving down the drive. gives your eyes a sense of rest, freshness after intaking delightfully self prescribed dosage the natural light, rather the harsh working office light.

When you drive along this road slowly, it’s a 40Km/hr.  there’s a velocity restriction, due to the people walking around in the park be courtesy take you time.

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