FASHION -3D PRINTING | Danit Peleg- home printed ready to wear…..

As technology moves to 3D printing, printing to various objects at home, like one day soon that you’ll will printed out your food, or clothing how they did it in Star Trek with the various types of grades replication systems on board the starship.. Where the crew just replicates the clothing that they have in their home wardrobe, in which makes sense practically of not carrying so much during the mission, besides of wearing the uniform..

As 3D printing becomes more practically for everyday home used, in which that you wanting that customization look that you’ve been after designing on computer using various software, then printing the structure of that dress out.. Well one Graduated Designer from Shenkar did just that…“Danit Peleg”    in with her ready to wear collection, she went to leading experts, industries in the field to learn how the construction for a project of ready to wear… in doing so with the thinking off without the intermediaries , meaning of not having to go out in shopping the traditional way..

Using various materials to create, which creating, assembling wearing the collection, it’s very lacy, integrated, with a high degree of flexibility… As its contoured tailored to the wearer, with given the body measurements taken beforehand in the process of computer design modelling happens, so it gives the correct fitting…  it should be interesting to see where having your 3D printed clothing at home matures where in the process of travelling into space where weight is at a premium when you put in cost per weight in mind that, printed clothing can be recycled back to its primary

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