SHANGHAI TANG | #ShanghaiTang #HongKong – Fabprosapp – Pacific Place- First Hong Kong at home beauty…

SHANGHAI TANG | #ShanghaiTang #HongKong – Pacific Place- Imperial Garden Printed Long Dress

Currently “Shanghai Tang at Pacific Place” in Shanghai Tang’s Boutique store  is currently running a collaboration promotion with “First Hong Kong at home beauty” on demand in which you’ll received a complimentary  manicure service at the Pacific Place Mall located in level one, shop 105.. The complimentary service in which starting today runs every Monday to Friday in between three in the afternoon to eight at night ( 1500-2000 Hong Kong Time) in which the Nail polishes- Lacquer used is featuring an awarding Nail New York Brand based named “JinSoon”.. In which is featuring Shanghai Tangs featuring Colour the soft light Chinese teal Mint colour, also known as Powder Blue akin to Morning sky or simply as Peace…  also First Hong Kong At home- Fabprosapp is an app, in which you can book the selected services to location, date and time like your work, home, then they’ll find the professional to pamper you….

SHANGHAI TANG | #ShanghaiTang #HongKong – Pacific Place- Hand Crafted – Brass Small Shou Mint Enamel Bangle

Featuring in among theme colour collection is the summery Imperial Garden Printed long pastel embossed jacquard Silk, Nylon  fabric Dress, with an intimate open back with full length flowing gown with Chinese painted garden like florals prints, with the Imperial garden theme it’s inspired by the classic imperial gardens from Suzhou… among the collection is elegant Shou Enamel Bangle.. Hand crafted polish brass, also painted, with the longevity symbol as its clasp…

SHANGHAI TANG | #ShanghaiTang #HongKong – Pacific Place- Mongolian Naadam Festival inspired -Naadam Leather Crossbody Bag

Accessorizing the collection is Naadam Bag, design inspired by the Mongolia Naadam Festival in love of horses featuring a saddle design, using high Quality Nappa Leather, with a crossbody Bag, featuring in four colours Mint, Ruby, White, also Black

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