#HongKongTramways |香港 #HongKong Timeless unique Fashion through time- Carrying Our Culture and Life Stories……

香港電車 - 裝載你我。映照生活

Hong Kong Tramways was first install onto Already tomorrow in Hong Kong Island since 1904 in which that network extended between East meet West on the Northern Coastal Hong Kong Island over the last century.. as the Hong Kong trams that provided core early transportation before the installation of the Hong Kong -MTR System..  Throughout out those hundred years more as the tram carriages evolved from a single deck towards the double deck cars with each way as it technologically – fashionably evolved as well as too the fashion of its day from past, present, presently soon towards the future ..  From the wearing the Iconic classic timeless Qipao- the Chinese Oriental Dress that’s still worn to presently today as every day to evening wear.. As seen towards the ready to wear generation of the 1960’s towards the 1970’s onwardly to the present……..never the less the Chinese Qipao dresses is still the iconic classic dress of Hong Kong as to the resurgences of the HanFu – Han Dynasty era clothing as both seen the changes throughout Hong Kong also China’s time till the present onwardly…….

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