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“… Qipao are known for its timeless classic silhouettes in which are designed to be worn every day, from work, evening,  casually  towards to the weekend… with sleek simple, elegant, sexy intelligent sophistication in which are easy to be accessorised with any pieces of clothing in your current or upcoming wardrobe… in which it originated re-engineered from Shanghai 1920’s in which it two Shanghai tailors retailer the Shenyang Qipao –Cheongsam that was traditionally worn from Han Dynasty Clothing that was traditional worn towards the end of the Ming Dynasty that transition towards the Qing Dynasty.. “

In which also the traditional hair styles fashionably changes, also its hairpieces jewellery changes throughout each Dynasties…  In which one recently the most watched period Chinese television drama series is storyline on the Qing Dynasty of Emperor Qianlong time, The Story of Yanxi Palace-  throughout the series in which the wardrobe was recreate handcrafted from the ground up using modern and traditional techniques.. so was the hair styles as to recreated from that period with elaborateness and skill in which one you tuber Cosplay Queen demonstrates how to fashion that particular hairstyle from the Qing Dynasty with its Chinese Jewellery head wear..

One of the various asspects of the symposium is the highly acclaimed watched Chinese made Qing Dynasty period drama” Story of the Yanxi Palace” series that’s attracted an international viewership attention is the Story life premise of Empress Xiaoyichun- 孝儀純皇后, Wei Yingluo, Consort Ling (令) in which she is the wife, consort of Qing Dynasty Qianlong Emperor – in which she is story played by Actress Wu Jinyan…..  Started as an imperial seamstress towards becoming a mother to the future Emperor…

During the symposium in Macau of early 2019 In which there was  collection of the symposium exhibition collection shown the tour continued with an exhibition of the exquisitely crafted costumes from the “Story of Yanxi Palace” which are on display for the first time ever in Macau. The Chinese couture includes costumes worn by the Emperor Qianlong, Consort Ling, Empress Fucha Rongyin and Consort Xian… From the wardrobe, towards the jewellery created for each piece of the characters storytelling allowing the view enticed back few hundred years ago towards wearable embroidery in which can be found today in a simpler form the modern Qipao which innovative revolutionized in 1930’s Shanghai…..









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