In this year’s 2020, the second decade from the turn of the century in Beijing the Capital of China also the People’s Republic of China, in which is also the year of the rat, marking its six hundred years anniversary of the Forbidden city that marks the transitional point of in between the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644) transitionally from Nanjing to Beijing towards the Qing Dynasty (1636-1644-1911) …. The Imperial Palace seen so many countless seasonally transitional equinoxes but further its six hundred years is iconic, but it’s five hundred ninety nine years it marks it Autumn Equinox…. In which it only took twelve years to build the same of the Daming Palace of The Tang Dynasty Xian Imperial Capital only it was least twenty times larger……

Of the six hundred years of completion of the Forbidden City1695: Reconstruction of the Palace of Supreme Harmony The Forbidden City 紫禁城成600年 of the Palace Museum 悦读旧宫 after the completion of the Forbidden City, it encountered lightning strikes and fires many times. In December of the eighteenth year of Kangxi (1679), the Hall of Supreme Harmony was burnt down again.

The Qing Dynasty court wanted to rebuild it on the original site in accordance with the eight-year rule. However, the Emperor Kangxi’s policy of reunification reconstruction delayed the palace’s construction…..Counterattack against Tsarist Russia, after the battle of Gardan, the overhaul began. Good materials are hard to find, and it is difficult to obtain wood. This project has been prepared for 13 years and started in thirty-four years (1695). It was completed two years later, and it has become what it is today. The rebuilding of the Hall of Supreme Harmony not only highlights the majestic strategy of the Emperor Kangxi, but also a symbol of the unification of a multi-ethnic country and the stability and prosperity of the Qing Dynasty…..

【丹宸永固:紫禁城建成六百年图录——1695:重建太和殿】紫禁城建成600年 #悦读故宫 紫禁城竣工后,多次遭遇雷击、火灾。康熙十八年(1679年)十二月,太和殿再度焚毁,清廷欲依照八年成例在原址上重修,但因康熙皇帝重一统之策而缓宫殿之建,遂于平定三藩、反击沙俄、征战噶尔丹后,才起大修之事。良材难求,取木艰辛,此次工程备料十三载,三十四年(1695年)兴工,两年后告竣,方成今日之形制。此次太和殿重修,不仅突显了康熙皇帝一代帝王的雄才伟略,也是多民族国家一统、清王朝稳固兴盛的象征….

Imagines credit are of the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China….

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