The new剑侠世界3 “Swordsman World 3” is endorsed by Angelababy. It is a new series of mobile games in the Xishanju Swordsman Love series. The 1st anniversary version will be launched on December 29. Equipment is not bound, face-to-face transactions, new engine research and development, rain or shine day and night, to create a real world of hundreds of millions of swordsmen.

“Swordsman World 3” is a martial arts mobile game produced and released by Chengdu Xishan Jushiyou Technology Co., Ltd. The game will be officially released for public testing on August 10, 2022.

The story of the game is set in the Southern Song Dynasty, with the Song-Jin war as the world background. The player is ordered by the head to go down the mountain as a knight-errant, but accidentally obtains the “Jade Falcon Golden Snake Seal”, and is finally involved in the crisis of the Southern Song Dynasty. At this time, through social interaction, leader competition, The gameplay such as the big battlefield allows players to feel the brand-new gaming experience of the martial arts world . 

The brand new “Swordsman World 3” is an MMO mobile game of the Swordsman Love series created by Xishanju. The game takes the Southern Song Dynasty as the background, and the player, as a knight in the rivers and lakes, saves the crisis in the Southern Song Dynasty. Inherit the classic gameplay of “Swordsman Love” client game and mobile game, such as bloody city battle, Song and Jin battlefield, team dungeon, five elements against each other, as well as face-to-face transactions and auctions to divide ingots. Based on the latest 3D engine, design pinches and fashion to define yourself. Royal carving light skills, 24 hours of sunshine, rain, snow, wind and day and night, create a magnificent world of martial arts. The real arena of hundreds of millions of swordsmen, return to the swordsman, and enjoy the revenge!

It has always been the most difficult to decorate the two corners. Half of the poster is green and cold and the other is soft and white. The bright blue-colored heroine is full of high-spirited spirit, and the charming white eyebrows are like spring plum blossoms in the snow. The smart and unrestrained demeanor does not hide the gentleness and softness in the eyebrows and eyes, and the ancient tunic reveals the chivalrous character of the rivers and lakes, showing the charm of the national style. After the poster was released, Angelababy’s fans continued to praise her, and players of “The Swordsman World 3” even said that “Angelababy is a veritable long-song master sister”.

When it comes to Angelababy’s identity as “Sister Changge”, I have to mention the newly exposed martial art of the “World of Swordsman 3” mobile game – Changge. In the background setting, Changge restores the classic swordsman design. It is a descendant of the poet Li Bai. He is dressed in Tsing Yi and is unrestrained. It is also ingenious in the setting of skills and weapons. The sword is used as a soldier, and the sword style takes the clarity of the landscape. The waterfall is like a rain break. A sword and a long song lead Bi Xiao, and the long song makes a stunning debut, which will definitely bring you a smooth experience of “do not stay for a thousand miles”!

楊穎 Angelababy (Yang Ying), born in Shanghai on February 28, 1989 (one said it is Hong Kong  SAR, China, People’s Republic of China )  , is a Chinese film and television actress and fashion model.

In 2003, Angelababy debuted as a model. Since then, she has emerged in Hong Kong as a fashion model. In 2007, he began to shift his focus to the big screen. In 2011, she acted as the heroine for the first time in the romance film “Summer Joy ”   . In 2012, won the Most Watched Actress Award at the 13th Chinese Film Media Awards with the romance film “The First Time ” . In 2013, she and three other female artists were selected as the new “Four Little Stars “by” Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly ” ; in the same year, she also completed her screen debut ” The Song of Love in the Cloud “. 

In 2014, she began to win widespread attention with the reality show ” Run, Brother ” ; in the same year, she also won the Most Popular Actress Award at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival  for her role in the costume film ” Di Renjie: The Dragon King of God “. In 2015, the box office of the adventure film ” Ghost Blowing the Lantern: Finding the Dragon ” starring her exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, and she also won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 33rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards for this film  . In 2017, the costume drama “A Lonely Beauty Don’t Admire Itself” starring in it won the national ratings champion of TV dramas at the same time . In 2020, she starred in the romance film ” Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” ; in the same year, she was included in the Forbes China Celebrity List for the eighth time and ranked 16th……    

———Game Features———

The new version, the gameplay has been greatly upgraded

Open new sects such as Beggar Gang, Changge, Cangjian, and Wanhua, and choose your favorite sect to enter the arena. In the new big world scene “Longmen Desert”, swim in the sand sea with TA. The new free skating gameplay and mood equipment are online, and the playability is greatly improved.

Inheriting the “Swordsman Love” series

Return to the Southern Song Dynasty, continue to write a new chapter of swordsman, follow Yang Yingfeng, Dugu Jian and other heroes, and fight for justice. Beggars, Cangjian, Changge, Wudang and other classic sects are on the stage, experience bloody city battles, team dungeons, field bosses and other gameplay, and relive the feelings of swordsmen.

Thousands of characters on the same screen, super-burning team battles

The hot-blooded family sieges the city and competes for the leader in the field. The team battle on the same screen displays all character models. It is no longer a name battle with shielded models. The moves of the enemy and the enemy are clearly visible, and the refreshing PK experience has never been experienced before.

High-definition, martial arts world

Based on the latest 3D engine, the design of multi-dimensional face pinching and rich appearance makes it unique in the world. High-altitude imperial sculptures with great lightness skills, flat ground gliding on the wind, 24 hours of sunshine, rain, snow, wind and day and night, creating a magnificent world of martial arts.

The five elements are incompatible, with skill routines

Inheriting the classic swordsman’s metal, wood, water, fire, earth and five elements to restrain each other, with a combination of skills, a variety of skill control and removal mechanisms. You can show off your operation in competition, and even fight back in extreme situations.

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