Love Shanghai, love the city and love Lujiazui! Lujiazui is Shanghai’s glitzy financial district, known for futuristic skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower, with its lofty observation deck, and the needle-like Oriental Pearl TV Tower, home to the Shanghai Municipal History Museum. The area is also noted for its luxe-hotel nightlife, with European fine dining, stylish …

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Its 31s December 2022 almost midnight crossing towards Hours Beijing time during counting down towards the new years on Shanghai, China –People’s Republic of China. In which most of the Covid-19 restrictions have been moderately lessen to a modest level in which now people across China can now travel throughout the Country to Celebrate the …

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It’s Late October 2022 1540 Hours Beijing time during this month week of the former Shanghai French Concession in autumn, walking along West Fuxing Road and Middle Fuxing Road West Fuxing Road 复兴西路, Blackstone Music Plus 黑石M+ Sinan Mansions 思南公馆 West Fuxing Road 复兴西路Fuxing West Road (formerly known as Baisaizhong Road Route Gustare de Boissenzon) …

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It’s Mid-Autumn Day 2022 its Evening Beijing time during this month week of the Shanghai Walking through Shanghai in during the…. Yuyuan Garden Station 豫园站Yuyuan Tourist Mart 豫园商城, To Huangpu River 前往黄浦江, Huangpu River 黄浦江, The Bund 外滩, East Nanjing Road 南京东路….. Yuyuan Garden Station 豫园站 -= Subway station in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, People’s …

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It’s Sunday 11th September 2022 its 1900 hours Evening Beijing time during this month week of the Shanghai Walking through Shanghai in during the中秋节Mid-Autumn Festival walking on the Bund at Night walking from the .. North Bund 北外滩to The Bund 外滩…. North Bund 北外滩 is a Neighbour in Shanghai, China – People’s Republic of China. …

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Featuring in上海 Shanghai’s Xintiandi District – China- People’s Republic of China in this September 2022 walking tour is districts location of Huaihai Road, Xintiandi, Fuxing Road, Sinan Road ….. 淮海中路 Huaihai Road  or Huaihai Lu is a road in Shanghai, China. The central section of Huaihai Road is one of the two major shopping streets …

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It’s Sunday 17th July 2022 its 2015 Evening Beijing time during this month week of the Shanghai in summer raining Walking through Shanghai in on the Bund in light rain Rock Bund and along the Suzhou River….. This summery raining walking route Rock Bund and along the Suzhou River 洛克·外滩源和苏州河沿岸, Garden Bridge 外白渡桥, The Bund …

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It’s Thursday28th July 2022 its 1800 evening Beijing time during the evening rush hour Shanghai in summer. Walking along my favorite walking route, Walking from The INLET 今潮8弄, North Sichuan Road 四川北路, Kunshan Huayuan Road 昆山花园路, North Sichuan Road 四川北路, Yuyuan Garden Area 豫园地区, Old residential area 居民区, Business Area 商业区, West bank of the …

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