“Han Meilin’s Art of Book in the Palace Museum” will be held at the main building of the Meridian Gate of the Palace Museum and the Xiyanchi Exhibition Hall from tomorrow until March 20, 2022. The exhibition uses Han Meilin’s “Book of Heaven” art as its element, and expands to various fields such as ink, ceramics, …

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Introduction: Are the ancient workers the same as us? What ingenuity is contained in the five elements and eight works? In the collections of the Forbidden City, look at the daily life and daily life of the ancients towards modern times today. 古人的工作每日 – 封印 “Seal” is the general term for ancient public and private seals, which must …

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荷言旗袍 #荷言HEYEN…. Suzhou Heyan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. In which Heyan cheongsam– China – People’s Republic of China… is located in Suzhou City in which Heyan cheongsam is the first brand of Chinese Su embroidered cheongsam. Adhere to original design, Suzhou embroidery craftsmanship, and manual customization, with traditional culture as the core, and actively promote the …

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On the 7th November 2021 Monday week the Forbidden City palace – Beijing –China- People’s Republic of China, in which it is the first day of winter in which early this morning on pasting Thursday midnight in which it previously it was raining in which then is finally snowed showing the first sign for  winter. …

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Currently watching on an October 2021 month 一剪芳华 The Master of Cheongsam in which is set in as a period drama with forty episodes broadcasting on iQyi- Tencent in which first aired on 31st August 2021, written by Hua Fu Chuan Qi (华服传奇) by Er Huo (尔火), Director Zhang Feng, in which film on iQiyi, Xu …

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Located in an ancient post-modern Two Thousand four Hundred years old ultra Megatroplis city Chengdu City, Sichuan Province – China – People’s Republic of China, 乐婵华服 Lecha Huafu – Chengdu Shikoudi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd…. Innovatingly Post Modern Qipao- Cheongsam …. in which innovatively bringing a New Chinese style cheongsam-Qipao high-end brand-Embroiderer…….it is committed to …

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Embroiderer Inheritance of Shu Brocade “Shu Brocade”- Shu Brocade, also known as Shujiang Brocade. Shu Brocade, also known as Shujiang Brocade……..It refers to the brocade silk fabric produced in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China during the Warring States Period. Shu brocade has two meanings. One refers to the colourful brocade woven from silk in Chengdu, and …

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On the 6th September 2021 Monday Forbidden City – Beijing- China- People’s Republic of China, it’s here The 2022 “Forbidden City Calendar” the official launch of conference will be held on the 6th September 2021  at Jianfu Palace of the Forbidden City Palace Museum. An official MV “Forbidden City Time”, composed by a professional team …

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Dressed in Imperial auspiciousness Imperial Vitality Orange Qipao on Chinese hand crafted embroidery youthfully cheongsam Qipao ….with beautifully dressed in Beautiful Chinese Painting embroidery of Oriental women’s uniquebeautiful and imperial auspiciousness Rongti’s customized cheongsam with elegant golden orange goldfishes on  Rong Ti’s custom Spring blossoms are most like the moment when sweet love blooms…….. Embroidery …

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Dressed in Imperial auspiciousness  classically timeless innovatively Modern Qipao on Chinese hand crafted embroidery youthfully elegant Olive classic cheongsam Qipao or could be worn as every day wear ….with beautifully dressed in Beautiful Chinese Painting embroidery of Oriental women’s uniquebeautiful and imperial Femininity is the ultimate expression of condensed femininity…….. Feminine traits are often hidden …

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