#北京 #中國 #China #Beijing | #紫禁城 #ForbiddenCity #October2023 | #ForbiddenCityDairies -The Palace Museum #ForbiddenCity Collections of Chinese intangible cultural heritage.  Collection  8th -11th October  2023-

On July 19th 2023 , the multilingual website of the Forbidden City Palace Museum- Beijing, China, People’s Republic of China was officially released at the Digital Cultural Tourism Development Forum of the 2023 China Internet Civilization Conference! The website covers five languages: English, French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish, and will meet the needs of audiences with different languages.

 The multilingual website of the Palace Museum is committed to establishing an international website that is concise, clear, easy to use for overseas audiences, and fits the construction of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, including tour guides, information, panoramic tours, online exhibitions, collection appreciation, cultural topics, etc. Rich immersive content describing of the most detail collection that housed within the Forbidden City collection…. 

中国romantic farewell Hangzhou  Asian Games In the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the osmanthus flower blooms and is the official flower of that month. In ancient times, the sweet-scented osmanthus was regarded as a good omen for success, and now it also contains the good expectations of “winning the laurels in the toad palace” and “winning the laurel crown”. The Hangzhou Asian Games will close tonight. Let us give a golden osmanthus to the athletes who are working hard to achieve greater success in their future journey!

Qing Dynasty, yellow satin embroidered pillow with gourd and 囍 characters, dragon and phoenix patterns. Pillows are bedding that is placed under the head to help people sleep. In the early days, they were mostly wooden and porcelain pillows, and later gradually became soft and comfortable fabric pillows. The pillow shapes include rectangular, round waist, cloud heads, petals, silver ingots, chicken hearts, etc. The most common decorative patterns are the lions who control the house, children praying for children, peonies hoping for wealth, dragons and phoenixes blessing marriage, etc. This pillow is used in the bridal chamber for weddings. It is embroidered with yellow satin, with the word “囍” in the center, dragon and phoenix patterns on both sides, and gourd patterns on the edges, which is consistent with the overall decoration theme of the bridal chamber.

Forbidden City Autumn Popular Colour – Sapphire Blue
“A crane lining the clouds in the clear sky brings poetry to the blue sky.” Autumn chrysanthemums, okra, and begonias blend into the gem-like blue sky of autumn.

[Clothing] Royal blue satin robe with flat gold embroidery and cloud and crane pattern, blue satin embroidered chrysanthemum and butterfly pattern bordered pipa lapel waistcoat, royal blue three-autumn pattern makeup satin [Daily necessities] Warm bowl with enamel painted with the Chinese character “Happiness” and treasure phase pattern, blue and
white Snuff bottle with cloud and dragon pattern, blue and white snuff bottle with cloud and dragon pattern, multicolour garlic bottle with golden and blue ground embossed pattern, blue glaze chrysanthemum petal plate, white ground covered blue glass chilong pattern amphora .

Interior view of the bridal chamber of Kunning Palace. This picture shows the northeast Kang (North Outer Kang) in the bridal chamber. Hanging on the wall of the Kang are the couplets “Ancestor Wu’s Rope, the Hall of Five Fortunes is the same as the Five Dynasties; Tianyan is happy, the third level wishes to merge with three more”. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, there was a “Tangtong with the Five Dynasties”. For this reason, he specially ordered people to engrave the plaque of “Five Blessings and Five Dynasties Hall” and the seal of “Five Blessings and Five Dynasties Hall Ancient and Rare Emperor Treasure”, and wrote an article to record this event. “Three more” means more blessings, more longevity and more children, which means the emperor will have a long life. There are several tables built into the room, there are paintings on the walls, and there are mattresses, cushions, backrests, handrails, etc. on the kang.

The 98th anniversary of the founding of the Palace Museum The ancient city remains undefeated in the turbulent years. After ninety-eight years of struggle, the people of the Forbidden City are ushering in the rising sun of a new day!

[Raise hands] Based on the arrangement of the pictures, how many landmark buildings in the Forbidden City can you recognize?

Palace autumn popular color – Purple color
“The slow autumn light cannot be retained, and the red leaves are full of dusk.” The rustling of the sycamores and the rustling of the maple forest break the tranquility of the cold mountains in late autumn.

[Clothing] Cotton shirt with orchid pattern embroidered with gold and silver, crimson satin cotton with chrysanthemum pattern, maroon satin short-waisted socks [Accessories] oval purse with
dark maroon satin nailed damask bat pattern
[Daily necessities] birch wood inlay Box, purple gauze and silk with flowers and birds, round fan with bamboo carving handle, purple glass flat square snuff bottle, white sauce plate with folded branches, flowers and fruits, sauce stove with white phoenix pattern.

Images and visuals are from – Forbidden City –Palace Museum Beijing- China –People’s Republic of China…..

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Thursday, 22nd June 2023- Dragon Boat Festival 2023…. in which celebrates offering of Dragon boat racing, consumption of realgar wine and zongzi..

“also known as Tuen Ng, falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and who eventually became a national hero.”

Though heartbroken to see his country being intruded, Qu Yuan never abandoned his faith and country. On May 5th(in Chinese lunar calendar), after writing down his last poem, Qu Yuan drowned himself in Miluo River(a branch of Yangtze River) as a gesture of dying along with his beloved motherland.

Why is it called Duan Wu Jie? The Dragon Boat Festival is called Duan wu Jie (端午节) in Mandarin Chinese. Duan (端) means ‘start’, while wu (午) means ‘noon’, but also ‘the fifth solar month’ in the traditional Chinese calendar (approximately June 6 – July 6), centered around the summer solstice. ‘The month of noon’ marks the middle of summer.

Where did dragon boats originate? Southern central China The use of dragon boats for racing is believed to have originated in southern central China more than 2500 years ago, in Dongting Lake and along the banks of the Chang Jiang (now called the Yangtze river).

“Crossing the waves stands out from the crowd, jumping the waves to be the first to retreat.” Dragon boat racing is a traditional folk activity of 端午节 in China. It contains the national spirit of hard work, enterprising and positive, and inherits unity and courage to move forward. national genes. The dragon boat culture has lasted for thousands of years, carrying the rich humanistic emotions of the Chinese nation, and leading us to “row” towards a better life.

How old is the Dragon Boat Festival?  2,000 years…….The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, and is believed to have originated during the Warring States period.

What do Dragon Boat Festival people eat during the festival? For Dragon Boat Festival the Chinese usually eat zongzi (rice dumpling) and various other foods below, depending on the region.

Zongzi — Sticky Rice Dumplings. Zongzi. …

Dagao — Glutinous Rice Cake. Dagao. …

Mianshanzi. Mianshanzi. …

Fried Cake (Jiandui) Fried Cake (Jiandui) …

Eel. …

Thin Pancakes. …

Eggs Steamed with Tea. …

Egg with Garlic.

Yunxia is unpredictable, and the Forbidden City is full of weather. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, enjoy the auspicious clouds and the infinite sunset together…

端午安康 “Zong” has a light-year road to explore, and it has to ride the wind and waves to reach it! Rabbit Xingxing wishes everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival !

Images and visuals are from – Forbidden City –Palace Museum Beijing- China –People’s Republic of China…..

#漢服 #HanFu #HanTraditionalClothing | #June2023 #正好遇见你 #HiProducer | Episode Two – Chinese cultural Inheritance of an intangible cultural-  daughter’s enthusiasm and dedication To Ancient Chinese filigree inlay craftwork ……

正好遇见你 #HiProducer  is an intangible cultural heritage urban drama directed by Gao Han , starring Guo Xiaodong , Zhang Nan , Li Xiaoran , Zhang Bo , Zheng Kai , Sun Yihan , Niu Zifan , Sheng Langxi , and Wu Qianyu  .

The series tells the story of a variety show team with literary director Yu Zazao and young cultural relics expert Tao Tang as the core, working together to launch a cultural TV program in order to show the beauty of Chinese civilization. The series covers 35 episodes in which is produce by Huanyu Film and Television in collaboration streaming with iQyi and Tencent Video ….. Majority of the Production is done in Suzhou for its modern setting among with the Chinese Cultural Traditional Heritages recreation is done at Hengdian, Subo studios…

Behind the Scenes of the production shooting process….  During the filming, the crew was allowed to enter the Suzhou Museum for on-site shooting, but in order to protect cultural relics, most of the cultural relics appearing in the play are imitation props. In the early stage of filming, the drama team found historians of relevant cultural relics, searched a large number of documents to repeatedly compare the status and details of real cultural relics, and invited professional relics masters to copy them, so as to achieve the effect of false ones. The biggest one is the filigree inlay technology, which represents the highest level of imperial crafts. When making the Jin Ou Yonggu Cup props in the filigree inlay unit, the drama crew carried out a one-to-one replica in strict accordance with historical data, which took a full two months…

Main Cast

Guo Xiao Dong as Liao Muyun

Zhang Nan as Yu Zaizao

Li Xiao Ran as Wang Xining

Jaco Zhang Bo as Tao Tang

Zheng Kai as Gu Shiyong

Annie Sun Yi Han as Yuan Jiaying

Niu Zi Fan as Xie Yao

Joy Sheng Lang Xi as Shu Rong

Karena Ng as Zhuang Yiyi

Li De Long as A Xun

Synopsis Gu Shiyong, CEO of Palace Culture Film and Television Production Company, is determined to create a new large-scale cultural variety show “Inheritance”. He strongly invites Tao Tang, a young cultural relic expert, Mu Zongyun, a well-known director, and Wang Xining, a senior host. However, just when the program was ready to start, the young female director Yu Zazao suddenly parachuted into the company and joined the program group, disrupting the overall plan of the program and being strongly rejected by everyone. Surprisingly, Yu Zazao is calm and witty, dares to break the rules, and has inexhaustible inspiration like a genius. With her help, the originally scattered production team became unprecedentedly cohesive. Everyone worked together, starting from the historical relics of the Forbidden City, devoted themselves to excavating the core memory of the nation, promoting historical and traditional culture, and solving the problem of non-genetic inheritance. In the end, “Inheritance” stood out from many homogeneous programs and became a great success. Yu Zazao also successfully healed his soul and gained a complete friendship and career..

Episode 2

Gu Shiyong was very satisfied with the material provided by Yu Zazao, but Tao Tang expressed strong opposition to the content about the conflict between Liu’s father and daughter, and immediately left the crew. Yu Zazao was unwilling to give up, so he chased Tao Tang to ask for an explanation. Tao Tang believed that Yu Zazao had obtained the permission to shoot, and he was not at fault from a legal point of view. Cracks are difficult to repair. Gu Shiyong was very dissatisfied with Yu Zazao’s behavior of leaving Tao Tang, and asked Yu Zazao to please return to Tao Tang, otherwise she would be let out of the show. Master Liu was furious at his daughter when he learned that his daughter Liu Jiamei asked the program group to broadcast a clip of their discord. The daughter tearfully confessed her father’s preference for her younger brother, and the two broke up unhappy. In the middle of the night, Yu Zazao and Tao Tang came to the studio and found that Master Liu was crying alone. Yu Zazao played the video of Liu Jiamei doing filigree inlay seriously to Master Liu. Master Liu saw his daughter’s enthusiasm and dedication to filigree inlay with his own eyes, and fell into deep thought. Liu Jiamei suddenly returned to the studio and bumped into her father who had not yet left. Master Liu decided to teach her daughter the technique of filigree inlay. The father and daughter finally reconciled, and Master Liu even made a bet that if his daughter can get a place in the provincial competition, he will inherit the studio to her. The program team also quietly set up recording equipment to record this warm and beautiful scene without disturbing the two.

Images and Visuals are from of their respectives …

#北京。 #中國 #China #Beijing | #紫禁城 #ForbiddenCity #June2021|#ForbiddenCityMoments #ForbiddenCityPaintings #ChineseArtworks #QingDynasty celebrating the hot humid summery #tuenngfestival #DragonBoatfestival #粽子。 #端午節 with summer season remedies …

On 14th June 2021 Monday happen to sit on one of many Chinese National Bank Family Holidays in which is a three day Weekend holiday in which is celebrating粽子。 端午節 happy dragon boat festival everyone on which a  on a famous dumpling zongzi it’s a traditional Chinese takeaway rice dish that’s made up with sticky rice – Glutinous rice with an assortments of stuffing’s it’s wrap up very large bamboo leaves then boil or steamed… traditional it’s celebrated in the Chinese- Asian communities …. as you can find in Chinese restaurants during yum char or traditional made at home…. The historical highlights of the dragon boat festival race is to celebrate and event that falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month that happens to falls on this year on 14th June 2021 Monday in which historically it celebrates a virtuous fashion icon Scholar two thousand years ago, in which that event of the Dragon Boat race is also known as the Tuen Ng festival Festival the National Hero Virtuous scholar also a righteous Official named Qu Yaun drown himself in the Mi Lo River.. Due to the corruption he has seen in with protest against the corrupted rulers and officials… in which he drown himself in which the nearby villages whom heard of his self-drowning tried to rescue him, but to no avail in which they thrown Zongzi into the river.. Zongzi is like fried glutton sticky rice with flavoring of meats as the center delight takeaway wrapped in with dried banana or palm leaves then steamed…as the villages thrown Zongzi into the river in finding him hoping that the fishes or omens don’t eat his flesh…

Around the Dragon Boat Festival the month of June China- Imperially- Ancient- Modern- Post Modern China -PROC Northern Hemisphere weather was hot and humid, and it was easy to get sick. The ancients were used to “fancy” medicine preparation during this time. In addition to eating rice dumplings, drinking realgar wine, hanging calamus, and taking medicine from diet, they also have the custom of directly using medicine, making medicine, and donating medicine. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the inner court of the Qing Dynasty will produce a large number of unique medicines-lozenges. It is not only a good medicine to prevent heatstroke, it has the effect of preventing moisture and disease, but also a well-made, exquisite craftsmanship that can be worn with you to achieve the function of preventing epidemics and cooling off heat…..

Imagines visuals credit are from the Forbidden city –Imperial Palace –Beijing – China- People’s Republic of China…