Located in an ancient post-modern Two Thousand four Hundred years old ultra Megatroplis city Chengdu City, Sichuan Province – China – People’s Republic of China, 乐婵华服 Lecha Huafu – Chengdu Shikoudi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd…. Innovatingly Post Modern Qipao- Cheongsam …. in which innovatively bringing a New Chinese style cheongsam-Qipao high-end brand-Embroiderer…….it is committed to …

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  During the March 2021 the Forbidden City Palace Museum- China- People’s Republic of China, Beijing issued an Announcement on the reopening of the Ruyi Exhibition in the Collection.. in which According to the progress of the adjustment of the exhibition hall of the Palace Museum, the Shenwumen exhibition hall “Auspicious Ruyi——The Palace Museum Collection …

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    On 10th February 2021 Wednesday  2021 China- People’s Republic of China, Beijing-  ushered in the first exhibition  of 2021…… is that  which is  the first exhibition of the Palace Museum New Year ” 吉祥如意 -The Palace Museum Collection Ruyi Exhibition” officially opened today! 160 sets are carefully selected from more than 2,000 ruyi …

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  玉……碧玉Jade – Jasper, the colour is like spinach leaves, slightly transparent, with oily or waxy luster. Many larger palace furnishings and daily necessities in the Qing Dynasty were made of jasper, and the craftsmanship was extremely exquisite. In the scorching summer, take nine jasper “planets” to build a cool and cool world, for everyone …

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